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    Can't install the game.

    Hey ya'll, trying to download the game to show a friend, but when I launch the launcher it says the game's already installed, clicking yes just dismisses the dialogue box. Hitting no furthers the process up to the half life folder destination point, I change it to another drive, then all the...
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    Gay Marriage Legal in NY

    This post gave me the douche chills. On topic, makes me feel better about living in NY, not that I didn't feel good about it, it's just better.
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    Steam Chat QA Session

    can't believe i missed the first one =\
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    The Faulty are back?

    the new song isn't as good as satellite, raining and the other song, but they still have the same sound which is pretty awesome
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    Shirt or No Shirt?

    If the jacket ripped off while transforming for the first time that'd be AWESOME.
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    Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    I've been reading the mangas. Almost there. Scar vs Wrath is so good. And greed vs the central army and co.
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    Iron Man 2 (spoilers)

    I loved both movies. The only downer is the fact that the action seens are just too short(in both movies). I would love to watch an epic 20 minute battle with Iron Man and War Machine going at the drones and Ivan. Or while they're fighting Ivan and the drones more drones start coming. Hahaha...
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    So what are they doing about transformations? Invincibility or not?

    Put a one minute cool down between ascending and descending. Invincibility during ascend and always instant descend. I.E. ascend 1 minute cooldown descend 1 minute cooldown ascend 1 minute cooldown etc etc...
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    Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    Oh man I'm so excited haha
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    FMA Manga (spoilers)

    Anyone have a link to 105?
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    Starcraft II Beta

    Still haven't gotten an email. And my computer destroys the min. specs.
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    No love for the Olympics?

    Did you guys see the video of the guy on the ice luge getting thrown off his car at 90mph and slamming into the steel post? The guy died upon impact. It was a practice run that turned tragic. =[ RIP.
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    FMA Manga (spoilers)

    Just read 104. wow. its pretty crazy. Okay I guess we dont have spoiler tags lols.
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    [Old PotW] PotW: Goku got Smashed in to the Building

    Not to be like knockin on you guys but that just looks silly lols.
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    BIOS Concerns

    Honestly if you're not that computer savvy, all you have to do is hook everything up and go into BIOS and make your first boot device your cd/dvd rom drive. As long as your computer posts you should be fine. IF you must mess with overclocking and changing memory voltages, buy a crap computer...
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    Why is DBA even still on moddb, at spot 12 no less?

    It's been 3 years since an update. I don't get how they still stay up on the chart.
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    BUG?-->~ buffer from dll. had overflowed~

    What's a fat reply?
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    FMA Manga (spoilers)

    Nevermind, I just read it. I did not see that coming from scar at all. So sick.
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    Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    Not sure...should be 39 now though.