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    Beam Trails

    I was Just wondering if any one thought about giving beams dust trails when near thae ground or a wall. It is nothing special and most likely not be seen alot but it would look cool when it did happen
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    Saving Powerlevel

    Does your character file have to be saved? Why cant it just start new every time u join the server. You could opt for faster attacks, more dramatic change with turbo, further teleporting, or just plain stronger attacks. OK, I am now ready for your bashing :fight:
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    I'm sorta new here , but shouldn't this be in suggestions. In any case I agree, masenko needs to be stronger , SBC smaller explosion aswell as faster and the scatter shot should at least move slower so it could stay in the air longer but not forever.
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    New Attack for Piccolo...

    If Piccolo is a Defensive character let's come up with new defensive attacks. Like the Finger-Electricity thingy he used when training Gohan.
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    Free beams vs. guided beams in struggles

    I think that when u charge free beams it should only increase its explosive force but not the force that pushes it, so that it could easily be pushed back. though, it would be hard to code if possible at all
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    Simple yet very good idea

    What I want is normal flying to be at least 1/3 faster than moving on foot
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    Wow!!! Best Idea!!!

    sounds like a great idea, if tien is gonna be in this he could do the same. however, the idea of them fighting other ppl sounds almost imposible.Maybe the could gang up on who ever u are fighting, multiple beam cannons to one person.
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    Scatter Shot should be UPDATED

    YES!! I totaly agree. soot scatter shot, melee enemy to ground/wall, send scatter shot yo knoked out enemy. There would have to be a limit to how long they last and the amount shot.
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    Super StretchArms!

    Yeah I think You're right. Then piccolo should get the stretch arms.
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    Oh, I think I found a way to get Meteo Combo's in ESF.. kinda difficult to pull of!!

    I think a better idea is to have two players throwing punches st each other really fast like. A new kinda power struggle. this my second post
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    Super StretchArms!

    If buu is gonna get stretch arms will piccolo too or not so that the game remains balanced? I'm new here... o_o don't hurt me