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  1. sstrunks9914

    teen gohan esf transformation mp3..

    its been a long time since ive posted here :D but anyways im finally getting back into esf but i wont be able to play it for a while until i finish the repairs on my dell, but there was this transformation sound i wanted to listen too =o could someone upload the gohan ssj transformation (the...
  2. sstrunks9914

    plugin help

    I'm using ECX RC2 *I know this is supposed to be a ESF forum.. Just quick help please* and I'm trying to get my esf_power_level changer plugin to work and i did everything said by kaination's thread on how to set up my amx and it recognises the plugin but when i go to use it it says Ml not found...
  3. sstrunks9914

    Help with hosting and moon

    :laff: ok 2 questions im using ecx rc2 and why cant i host a game i mean i can create one but i can be in my own but no one can join it? is this something i do in port fowarding? i have a dlink so maybe? Question about the moon when i wish for it how do i use it and what is it used for...
  4. sstrunks9914

    Just a quick question

    do you have to enter the half life cd while playing for anything?just a quick question thanks in advance
  5. sstrunks9914

    Help me please

    Ok guys I'm back im very on and off esf(quiting and unquiting esf.). Ok, heres the situation whenever i play esf i find it very frustrating ok while meleeing during the kind of cut scene sequence where you enter commands, the screen goes out of place and i can't see what my character is...
  6. sstrunks9914

    need s bolt ssj2 gohan model!!!

    i need a sbolt model ssj2 gohan for version esf 1.2.3 beta and how to make it work please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for your cooperation.
  7. sstrunks9914


    ok i downloaded sbolt ssj2 gohan but i dont know how to run it on esf with ANY information on how or what to do with these downloads please help your help will b gladly appreciated thank you.