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  1. Mister Satan

    OMFG Frustrated

    Hammer, Large Nail, that's pretty un-subtle as you say :D Hey Satan, I had same prob as you, I just wussed out and formated, so if puch comes to shove...
  2. Mister Satan

    Post your Stats:

    Age: 18 Height: 6'01 Weight 195-ish Health risk: I'm diabetic so, eating isn't great :(, I was 259-ish, got it and shed 60+ pounds :D, but most was muscle ....rawr....Now i'm getting the muscle back Rawr!
  3. Mister Satan

    If you we're a console, what would you be?

    Ow, fell off my chair. :laff: Nice to see alot of snes vote, good system. Hey GIR, I had a game gear, 'tis good, till I dropped it in the bath ;( Did you ever have SF on it, I did, 'twas japanese thought, so maybe you didn't have it, I got my friend to give moi a step by step...
  4. Mister Satan

    If you we're a console, what would you be?

    Some would call this thread silly, some even would say poppy****, well I do not good sir, I only say onward with this thread. The question is thus, if you we're a console what would you be? answers on a postcard....or you could vote on my poll....up to you really. |: EDIT :|...
  5. Mister Satan

    Best Strategy Game to Buy ¬_¬

    Dammit, what wrong with you people? Does noone play Disgaea! Rawr. No really, Rawr. P.S play Dungeon Keeper!
  6. Mister Satan

    Who look better game :p

    Anna Nova Barrh! Space ghost ^^, or Santa....
  7. Mister Satan

    New anime ideas

    What's the matter guys!? noone said it.... <B> Akira </b> j'0o t3h ...Urgh, i'll leave the "1337" speak to Hib.
  8. Mister Satan

    Rate the AVATAR above you. . . merged!

    Wow....Cute..... ^.^ No really, I love art in that style, 9/10 - Great, but its too has an hidden wants to kill me! Nay!
  9. Mister Satan

    Anyone know of any good TBSG (Turn Based Strategy Games)?

    The combat mission games right? I got them :D, me and my Papa play them against each other. As for Civ I got them too, 1 - 3, never got Alpha centuria thought, have to see about getting it. Thanks for the thought's guys, keep them coming. P.S SaiyanPrideXIX have you played Dragon...
  10. Mister Satan

    Anyone know of any good TBSG (Turn Based Strategy Games)?

    Lo all, just wondering if anyone knew of any good/great TBSG that I haven't got, I have Disgaea, Vandel Hearts 1 + 2, Shining Force 1 + 2, Tactic's Orge:Let us Cling Together and Knights of Londis, Dragon Force, Front Mission 3 + 4 and the one on the Snes, FF:T,FF:TA. Just wondering what...
  11. Mister Satan

    let us guess: Teh Buddy System?!

    I didnt mean that there won't be one, I just meant I thought I wouldn't turn out as expected. 'Tis all.
  12. Mister Satan

    let us guess: Teh Buddy System?!

    Heheh, Sounds nice...shame it wont be like that, Never is how the Commuity thinks it will be. Btw nice <b> Sig </b>
  13. Mister Satan

    Hardest Game? Funniest game?

    <B> And he Would Be me...Buwahhahah. </B>
  14. Mister Satan

    What's Your Favorite Video Game?

    List: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Konami) Whoo, I'm not radien...yay.... All time...Planescape: Tormet, "T3h Crpg ()wn J'0o" ahem... And fallout, not fallout 2 however. Also Dungeon Keeper, and maybe Black and White for the day's when watch my Lion crap on a town will make me...
  15. Mister Satan

    PSP Problems Already..

    Magie-Poo...I'm so ashamed....*hangs head* Hoping for a PsP and Ds, myself. Wonder when Microsoft are going to unvail their "Xtot, the B*****d child of the Xbox.* Incase you havent figured it out, i'm none too keen on Microsoft, at all. Go Go Linix.. Go Go Mac...
  16. Mister Satan

    Hardest Game? Funniest game?

    The game what I played which was hard IN a frustratting way is Ninja Gaiden on the xbox. The hardest game what I have played in the way of Fun hard, would be Rome: Total War with the Total Realism Patch and very hard mode on. The funnest game what I have played would be Discworld.
  17. Mister Satan

    The funny pictures thread

    That donald duck one is
  18. Mister Satan

    Yarrrr!, I feel Pretty. ( Sid Meier's Pirates! Topic )

    Just wondering if anyone had the game. And if so what your Ships/Wife/Sexy first mate/Fleet/Dancing Skills/Score are like. __ __| |__ / \ Yar!, I be bob, thar badly done Pirate, Yar...
  19. Mister Satan

    The Giving Season

    'Tis the season, Childen need video games. That isnt ment to sound sarcastic btw. Nor is that, Damnit, I've become so sarcastic I cant even read back my word's with out them sounding (sarcastic) Damn it. Anyway, Give of your deep pockets fellow men(And women of course), for Child's Play...
  20. Mister Satan

    Post your real name

    Lord W00t.... God how I wish. David Charles Griffiths.