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  1. 1broly14

    a dedicated server help

    ok i am using steam with half life 1 i bought i know some of you know me,grega knows me =) well i have forword a port and put it to 27015 and put the files in the dedicated folder im trying to host esf open beta 1.3 for people to play in, can you help i also whant to know should i put sv_lan 0...
  2. 1broly14

    SERVER problem

    their are no servers one esf open beta and when i make one it does not show up or anything? it usuly does show up idk how long this has been doing this
  3. 1broly14

    another question?

    so can you have esf ecx rc2 instald and download esf 1.3 at the same time without over righting esf ecx rc2 with bigpack? it will be cool i can have both :) i herd this someone im amking sure i can do this
  4. 1broly14

    how to open a port?

    someone told me to go to control panel and then fire wall turn it off then go to add port im not sure wat do do there i using a routor and they told me i need to forword a port to host a server and stuff im not sure if thats the way to do it if it is help me
  5. 1broly14

    need help

    im on half life or even esf and when i go forowrd i some time end up back where i started at hellp me i dont know wat to do it some sert of glich and someone told me to go to conel and then i dont know wat he never told me anythinh els
  6. 1broly14


    hay how do i use dedicated server exaculy? im not sure to use it i know how to put the file and overy thing but how does it work to host a server for other people to join me and GRega i got the thing where i cant see my opponet to work i had put it to d3d instead of softwhere now i can see my...
  7. 1broly14

    got a question

    when i whent to the page there is a open beta for esf where can i get it and i look at my chip card video card and i know i can handdle opengl but dosent seem to sence it is there=(
  8. 1broly14

    help bigpack plzzz respond

    when im going to make a sever it freezes and 2 minute latter it loggs me of and gives me a error it dident do this untill i downloaded the bigpack v8.4 one of my friends tole me to put it in the esf folder and i did plzz help me