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  1. lostsoul

    Bugz i spooted

    These are the bugs i spooted while playin woot 1.when krillian does a full charged destructo disk in esf beta 1.1 with the bots the Me and blade made somtimes stops and stays there 2. Some beams thats the bots do never go away they just stay there 3. Trunks sword has a different hud...
  2. lostsoul


    if your a realy really good modeler can you email me at [email protected] Aim: knifehntr msn: topbros... i might have somtin that you would like to do
  3. lostsoul

    beta 1.1 :)

    beta 1.1 is such a mad update but there is one problem! if i use vegeta hes bigband,finalflash sound weird. the voice is not hes... it will be good to change the bigband and finalflash sounds
  4. lostsoul


    i no im not a moderator or anything like that so yea. alrite i have been seeying countless threads being say "its too laggy" Well you will need atleast a 32mg geforce or higher.. if you have that and it stills lags then get: 512 mg ram amd 2000+ or pentium = 1.8 ghz will do fine Fast...
  5. lostsoul


    If greg is here can you help me i register at oktagone and i went throught paymate and every thing but i have been waiting for like a day now and no email has come through saying my login details and all that.. before that i got an email from oktagone and paymate saying wait or somtin like...
  6. lostsoul


    if this is in a thread somwhere else sorry for postin it but anyway What will the esf team do about hl2?? will they move to hl2?? will they stick with normal hl???? i dunno what will they do??
  7. lostsoul

    New SIte

    If any1 is one of the following please email [email protected] or [email protected] or nucleo -Coder - need 1 -Model Skinner - need 1 -Modeler (1 so far) -Model Animator - need 1 -Sprite Artist need - 1 -Map Texture Artist - need 1 -Prefab modeler - need 1...
  8. lostsoul


    can admins that made esf please tell me all there program that made this mod so that i can make a cs mod with your programs. PLease (all your programs and tell me what sites you went to). PLz help me
  9. lostsoul


    When will the new version of esf-bot will be releashed ????????
  10. lostsoul

    ?Console? plz read

    wat do u type in to fix your graphics somthing like mp_fxquality or somthin else can u please help me
  11. lostsoul


    can som1 make me a mad counter-strike sig but the name is Administrator for a different site
  12. lostsoul

    ki bot

    which bot do u like
  13. lostsoul

    i need a sig for ssj vegeta

    can i have a sig for ssj vegeta please send it to me by pm or email address thx
  14. lostsoul

    more attacks

    select wat attacks should be put on the game
  15. lostsoul

    Map Vote:

    Vote for your favorite map:
  16. lostsoul

    we are missing something

    cell can do the spirit bomb i have seen it..... he starts off but he doesen't say anything... he sounds like firing a big beam but the spirit bomb is redish can't they put that on esf...
  17. lostsoul

    OMG we should do this

    farout im sick off it the forum getting bigger by the minute i recon we sould delete the threeds dat has been answered!!!
  18. lostsoul

    blocking beams

    when u block a beam u go like away from it to hte left and the bean is on da right and your not rite infront of it what does dat mean? and how to fix it?
  19. lostsoul

    beta 1.1

    where do u find beta 1.1 cuz it says on da front page:cry:
  20. lostsoul

    dragonball collecting

    how do u play a map were u have 2 collect the dragonballs :cry: