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  1. RedSaiya

    New Style :S

    Long time haven't use Ps than have mercy. these are my lastest works. And I know font isn't original comp has formated =.= 1st 2nd
  2. RedSaiya

    New style of sig's.

    Well, I'm trying all the time to improve my sig's, I think i just made the change :p . Tell me what you think.
  3. RedSaiya

    My new sig

    ok so here is my sig - it is kinda easy so next time i will do it better.... Edit - i know i like this font....
  4. RedSaiya

    I call it PingMatrix

    All i can say its - PingPong
  5. RedSaiya

    Matrix pt

    here is my pt in matrix .... <a href="" target="_blank"><IMG SRC="" alt="I AM AN AGENT!!!" border=0></a> damn agent.... For tests -
  6. RedSaiya

    WarCraft 3

    Hello , MY WARCRAFT DOESN'T WANT TO INSTALL WARCRAFT3 :( ... it says he got prob in reading the files... Someone can help me?
  7. RedSaiya

    "New" Attacks...

    I'v installed Adminmod and 2 plugins called - Timbomb , Ping-Booster. when i came in to the game i could'nt use any "new" attack like trunks sword etc... -I pressed on the "1" -key and it isnt give me the pic on the left side....-
  8. RedSaiya

    vegeta's Pride(prode)

  9. RedSaiya


    Hahahaha , look this is my friend photoshop work(tomer) , The man on the pic is my friend .(hen) My friend (tomer) made this cuz he ha8 Hen.... Enjoy :p
  10. RedSaiya

    Magic Cards (The Game)

    Someone know this game , and can help me? bahh , i had page_the_untouchable or something like this (and glowing!) and i trade it with airelemetal (old airelemental with this girl :tired: ) I know i am an idiot , and i cant get this card back...(i mean i cant get page the .....) he...
  11. RedSaiya

    Why the saiyan are so strong?

    Well i got a pic that will tell you why. hehe....
  12. RedSaiya

    Textures for Photshop....

    someone can tell me please , where can i download some nice textures for ps? Thanks. RedSaiya -"If Its Bleeds We Can Kill It"
  13. RedSaiya

    The LayOut

    I hope no1 have done this befor , but its just me ? or this layout is shi**
  14. RedSaiya

    bahh cant see some Languages :(

    I got Windows Xp , and suddnly i cant see some languages like in the icq , i see many "????" instand of the name. help.:S
  15. RedSaiya

    My New Sig' :)

    What do you say about this...?
  16. RedSaiya

    "Help i need somebody help...."

    Okey so lets starts. My game (listen server) Always kicks everybody that enters my server! It says . "Kokojumbo Dropped" help how can i fix it...:S
  17. RedSaiya

    Matrix Reloaded

    What do you think about matrix reloaded ...:paper:
  18. RedSaiya

    Mystic Gohan

    Someone can make a mystic gohan that replace the real gohan?
  19. RedSaiya

    dragonballz budokai

    Someone can help me? i want to buy budokai but i dont know the game look can you upload in-game pix ?? O_o
  20. RedSaiya


    Ok people write your links to models/skins/misc i got just one link ok please feedback! :laff: