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  1. MrMasj

    How did you find ESF?

    I was checking out various Half-life mods for an upcoming LAN, I just stumbled on this, was hovering the board for a month or two before registering :P I was a bit into DBZ back in the days to which could have explained why it caught my attention ^^
  2. MrMasj

    How Long Do You Think You'll Play?

    The game will probably be all good and fun, but the main reason I'm still here is more to the fact that I love to see what the team can come up with and how much I love to see their progress in reshaping and freshening up the old Half-Life engine :)
  3. MrMasj

    ESF 10-Year Public Release Anniversary

    10 years huh 5 more months and then I'll been hanging around here for 10 years as well ... damn a decade goes fast and this is probably the only board I'm still following after 10 years :) Anyhow congrats Esf team and let's see if this board will be around for another 10 years :)
  4. MrMasj

    ESF 1.3 Japanese voice support?

    I agree with Grega on things sounding less corny in the original Japanese voices but I guess I could manage without a Jap sound pack as the community will make one themselves if they feel it's missing ^^ ... and regarding "Yu Yu Hakusho" ... the English dub is just terribly bad!!!
  5. MrMasj

    Could Someone From The ESF Team Tell Me How Far Through They Are With The 1.3?

    I some odd feeling in my right toe telling me that well have it just after DukeNukem Forever II's 3d expansion "Revenge of the evil darktooted cucumbers" or my right toe might be trying to tell me something totally different!
  6. MrMasj

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

    Impressive Impressed as always It just continues to evolve, if you guys get the game-play as smooth as your current graphics then you got something that even most pro game studios can't manage ^^ So I hope you'll give it as much time for polish as it needs, but I'm pretty sure you will. I...
  7. MrMasj

    What's will happen to the ESF team after you guys finish 1.3?

    No need for comments ^^ Sounds like a plan sign me up ^^ better get something really expensive for that night :P
  8. MrMasj

    New Map System Revealed

    I must say that it's impressive as always, but I hope you post a long guide on how to make maps and apply all these special effects before launch ^^ Anyway thanks for your long and awesome dedication for this project. Damaera I know lot's of people are working on both teams ("esf,nnk") are you...
  9. MrMasj

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Frieza en Goku Trapped in Inner Buu

    and I love the different approach compared to all older maps are you modelling all the detail now a days. There can't be much hammer involved in recent maps right ^^ You got me interested in starting mapping again ;)
  10. MrMasj

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Frieza en Goku Trapped in Inner Buu

    I see the map seems quite big ^^ when you mention it that way ^^
  11. MrMasj

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Frieza en Goku Trapped in Inner Buu

    I must ask why is there one small Goku and one huge Friza ? is it an sign of another model scale-down ?
  12. MrMasj

    Some inspiration from Raging Blast

    Indeed you have had the technology for quite some time now ^^ Example: when you beat someone flying and you just hit teleport to transport behind him and then beat him to the ground. I thought it could be a good way of coming closer to your opponent to teleport when they are flying...
  13. MrMasj

    Some inspiration from Raging Blast

    I did just see a trailer from the upcoming PS3 & 360 game "Dragon Ball Raging Blast" I thought some of the things they showed during the Tokyo game show trailer was interesting enough to bring up. (1). Characters with the...
  14. MrMasj

    ESF Retrospective

    Yes people from 2001 unite ;) In December 2011 there will be two of us ;) just about 2 years until the 10 year anniversary whoa time just flies by ^^
  15. MrMasj

    ESF Forum Members of 2009!

    Aight I'm still around so there we go ^^ You just can't go on without me ;)
  16. MrMasj

    Reflecting Textures

    Your updates always suprises me beyond what I thought was possible to do with the HL engine. Your shading tec is awesome keep the good work up ^^
  17. MrMasj

    Goku Renders

    Wow that looks awesome for a Half-life model. I must say that it's a nice decision to add cellshading to the models ^^
  18. MrMasj

    Merry Christmas!

    How about adding bump mapping to character clothes in order to give an illusion of a much higher polygon count. I do really love the new grass but I don't think that the mountains work that well towards the rest and the games cartoon like style.
  19. MrMasj

    Android 17, Particle System Experiment, New Sprite Format

    Wow I'm officially impressed damn good work ... only thing I feel that's limiting the HL1 engine from reaching the heights of the source is the amount of polygons on the models and the amount of triangles on the maps ... But what can I say ... I did never in my world believe that you could push...
  20. MrMasj

    some pic and mor later...

    I know you mentioned 18's arms but I almost think her eyes are worse. Take another look at them =D