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  1. Quietrain

    Cell rendering model for son Goku

  2. Quietrain

    Goku model obj format, Z period.

    This is my last model.If the picture is still no way to show, to help send a screenshot thank you Download address:
  3. Quietrain

    This forum can change the nickname?

    Suddenly found before the name of the silly, when last name with "son".can now be modified?:cry:
  4. Quietrain

    【RC2 ECX new role selection interface】The eve of the war between God and God

    Do not know why the uploaded pictures can not show the model source details at this url: This is the download link: to the upper right corner of the ‘‘下载‘‘can be downloaded) Can upload pictures to help send a...
  5. Quietrain

    I would like to apply for help to complete the ESF:f.

    My ability is limited,Can only modify the existing model.Style comparison, various versions of the goku are as follows: If the esf:f model and the previous version can be modified with 3D milkshape,Maybe I could help.If you don't, then you can refuse.Because I am really looking forward to...
  6. Quietrain

    help,ecx rc2 kai

    Hello,i am son goulon, from china. We are a novice,So interest no matter how high,Can not follow you to join the request to help you speed up the progress of ESF:F. For this we can only own efforts,But no idea and no ability.Chinese players have lost interest in ESF,All kinds of 3A games in...
  7. Quietrain

    Can not wait

    Most players don't want to see,Is esf1.3 haven't release.We are the esf loyal players.But from a few years ago until now.From junior high school to college has been waiting.On ESF enthusiasm has dissipated,Esf enthusiasm has gradually dissipated.We thank the staff , you have worked hard.However...
  8. Quietrain

    goku and gohan

    I modified the model,Beginners will only some simple change Texture and model reduction.Gohan model modification completion,Another is modified super saiyan god.
  9. Quietrain

    Suggest to modify Model style

    The esf1.3 style too propensity European comic style.However,dragonball is full of Asian style.I think dragon ball games also should try to restore the original style. --- edit ---
  10. Quietrain

    Nocice has a problem

    How to modify ESF1.23 sun as NNK? Map seemingly infinite, but there are boundaries. I am Chinese, and English is not good, please understand. I like esf!~ --- edit --- Novice has a problem...How to do sun in nnk.We want to do this sun in the esf1.23.There are seemingly infinite , in fact...