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  1. Josew

    add servers to gameserver of Argentina esforces

    hello I'm from Argentina Esforces community and we have STEAM servers De ESF and would like me to add Gameserver tab greetings and leave the IP: 1# ESF 1.2.3 [Publico] <Argentina>: 2# ESF ECX [Big Pack] <Argentina>: 3# ESF 1.2.3 [Cerrados] <Argentina>...
  2. Josew

    Question about steam server ESF

    Hi I have a question, you can make a Dedicated ESF ECX 1.2.3 or double protocol and it then appears in the list of internet server? --- edit --- up...
  3. Josew

    Hola Me Presento ! :D

    Hola a toda la comunidad esforces :D soy josew y vengo a ver si me integro a esta gran comunidad , espero conocer gente y no hablo Ingles :$ ,bueno un saludo : D