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    State of projectile attacks, 1.3 and beyond

    First of all, I haven't been following the "top" scene since I've quit, but I've returned to at least shape up a bit before 1.3 release. I was introduced to the "pro" scene by Kartsah about 4 years ago and back then besides the -125 hp combo we all abused, pretty much all that was used was basic...
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    Hi guys !

    Anyone fill me in what's been happening ? Not sure if anyone still remembers me but hell, wanted to say hi to those who know me seeing I'm back in the game n' stuff.
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    EVS source out.

    Everything you need to know is in the readme file, this is of no use to anyone really but to people who want to learn about ESF modding so go ahead and have fun with it. I'm pretty sure most of values still work for 1.3 ( ? needs confirmation on this one ) but the general style of how you do...
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    Hi guys

    Wondering who of the oldies is still around.
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    Andreyesf & John Volkov

    I'm not anymore playing ESF, and I don't visit all ESF communities anylonger - but your video made me to rethink to play ESF one more time. Because - all I want is to wtfpwnbbq you, ya ? L2makenormalvideos And yes, I AM a WoW addict. So this is simple - if I see any of you two in any...
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    EVS Cooler

    Modeled by DBZ Hell. Skinned by DBZ Hell. All from scratch, he's making new animations for that model, and tail is fully animated ;D ( don't mind the skin, he's still changing it ) Crits ?
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    Gohan's shield PS suggestion

    Here is a small suggestion which should prevent those shield spammer n00bs... -.-" Allright. What happens when a n00b goes in shield ? You can't do nothing if you don't have higher pl and then spam his shield with beams. So I've come up with suggestion. In episode 255 in DBZ, Vegetto used...
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    NAt prob ( port forwarding )

    'aite... I have recently had problems with port forwarding. I know how to forward ports myself since I did it so many friends untill now. When I got mine ADSL, I went immedeately to port forward. Before I had skyDSL but the service is down atm, though everything worked there with port...
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    PoP siggy ( defaults )

    Mine second defaults sig. Don't mind those damn lightnings, was playiing with them, and in end loosing .psd file and not being able to fix them >_O But neweys. I saw Superveires sig ( corona bytes ), and decided to try to do sig with same technique - so props to Superveire.
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    2 sigs for a friend

    I made these sigs for chinchan/Diablo today ( the guy is not on this forum I think >_O ). c&c plz.
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    Prince of Persia siggy

    Took me 20 mins to make it >_O crits 0-10 thx
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    Max 20 messages suxx. Put it atleast to 50.
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    Shadow signature

    Rate please
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    Computer just freezing

    Okay, I have problems with mine computer. Before when I just loaded up windows and I was on desktop after resident programs loaded, it would block if I didn't runned some program or something. That was before I upgraded that computer. After I done upgrade ( before it was: 256 MB DDR...
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    PLUGIN: Anti-Script

    Click me DESCRIPTION: A small plugin wipped up for one of mine friends. I decided to release it just to get some feedback, etc. It SHOULD block scripters, if it doesn't, let me know. It worked just fine on mine server when I tried to script. When it detects script, it will block it...
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    Shadow motocycle

    critz 0-10 thnx
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    3rd combo

    There are 2 known hidden combos ( punching one and rolling one ), I know that both, but that's not what this thread is about. I have heard rumours that there is hidden 3rd combo. You can also check that in your normal ESF goku. He has ref_combo_3 and ref_combo_3_hit animations. Also...
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    Old RedSaiyan Sonic 1.0/1.1 model

    Does anybody have Sonic model which was on first RedSaiyan? I wanted to make a Sonic&company ( Shadow FTW ) plugin for ESF, but I couldn't find Sonic model I wanted to edit to make Super Sonic, Shadow, Super Shadow & other off him. So I'm asking - does anybody of you guys have it or no ...
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    Girls who play ESF/are part of ESF community

    Name girls you know that are playing ESF. Me starting: I know one. These are her nicks on various forums : LSSJ ( ESF forums ) / Dragon Fighter ( EVM forums ) / BANDIT ( EvoSSJ4 forums )
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    Who's Goten model is this?

    I got the image from some peep over ICQ. He said its Goten compatible for ESF. So I'm asking, who's Goten model is this, and is it downloadable? If its not downloadable, who has it, since I would like to trade, the model is just so sexy O_O