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  1. Virtigo Seven


    Does anyone know where I can find good history sites about the election of 1800 or anything in that time period it the United States?
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    how about the hyperbolic time chamber?
  3. Virtigo Seven

    how's this?

    Demons in my Head The demons in my head are screaming again. Heart is pounding Blood is pumping But I’m not scared. The fear is gone But yet they scream Panic, panic… Rush, rush… Panic! Panic! Rush! Rush! PANIC!! PANIC!! RUSH!! RUSH!! Silence Panic, panic… Rush...
  4. Virtigo Seven

    esf II

    Should ESF be copyed or re created on the Half Life II engine... Or am I just stupid for asking?
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    i cant get mine to work... i have it on GeoCities, but its not showing here on the forum... HELP!
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    what about the legandary toas? (bionical) One Houndred! oh, hell yeah!
  7. Virtigo Seven

    I need help with my English paper...

    Can somebody help me? I need to find info on computer game modeling/skinning (charicters) carrers... Since most people here are knoledgable (sp suks) about playing computer god like that, I was hopping to get some very valuable help here...
  8. Virtigo Seven

    Burning Gundam Model

    What about a Burning Gundam Model with like Gohan or Goku stats and powers?
  9. Virtigo Seven

    And the "BEst D*** Wizard" aword goes to...

    And the "BEst Damn Wizard" aword goes to... ...who?
  10. Virtigo Seven

    And the "BEst D*** Wizard" aword goes to...

  11. Virtigo Seven

    Best Mecha

    whos the top contending mecha in the esf forum polls? i gotta go with eather Wing Gundam Zero Custom or Gundam GX-9901, Gundam Double X!
  12. Virtigo Seven

    name change

    i wanna change my name. Who agrees?
  13. Virtigo Seven


    Okay, im officially lost... (nohin' new) we went from saiyan, to super-saiyan, then to ssj[III]... wheres ssj[II] come in?! what da?! ssj[V]?! saiyan ssj no pic!!! aghhh!!!!!!!!!! ssj[II] ssj[III] ssj[IV] ssj[V] wtf?!
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    da truth

    Blondes I've all heard "dumb blonde" jokes before, but let's not stereotype! Not all blondes are the same. Here are some examples of how blondes can react differently in different situations: THE DIET A blonde is terribly overweight, so her doctor puts her on a diet. "I...
  15. Virtigo Seven

    Sig hosts...

    O_O Help me! i cant find any good sig hosts! dose any one know of any good sites?:cry:
  16. Virtigo Seven

    good goten models

    Any one got a good Goten model?
  17. Virtigo Seven

    gundam models

    What about using gundams as playable charicters (my speling suks)? Like using Counter-Strike bots with Gundam skins?
  18. Virtigo Seven

    Gundam models anyone?

    Can anyone make a good Gundam model?
  19. Virtigo Seven

    Can some one help me make a model?

  20. Virtigo Seven

    How can I make modles and skins?

    How can I make modles and skins?