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  1. MikeOfHeaven

    How did you find ESF?

    I made a same thread about this back in 2011, and the thread ended up dead ofcourse hehe, so how did you guys found esf? I remember somewhere in 2008 i found an ESF video, and then i came across the forums, and was just watching it for a while, until i made a account somewhere in 2009. So how...
  2. MikeOfHeaven

    Just wondering...

    Is it possible to make ESF:Final with frostbite 2? Just wondering.
  3. MikeOfHeaven

    Ginyu body change?

    Is it included or possible?
  4. MikeOfHeaven

    How did you found ESF?

    I want to know how you guys came here, how i came here: i searched on youtube with 'dragonball z pc game' then i found a video with esf and started searching google and i found the site. :P
  5. MikeOfHeaven

    ESF with HL Extensions?

    is it also able to play esf with expansions for half life 1?
  6. MikeOfHeaven

    esf: final release

    hi staff, maybe this is another noob question but can you give me an estimate when it will be released? 2012? 2014
  7. MikeOfHeaven


    is bardock in esf 1.3?
  8. MikeOfHeaven

    little problem with shenron

    when i call shenron i press B he comes out of the dragonballs but how can i grant a wish?
  9. MikeOfHeaven

    problems with maps

    on this video: you will see on 1:07 those are bigger maps (openbeta) i installed the openbeta but i got the old namek map from esf 1.2.3 where can i get that big namek map??? ---------- Double Post below was added at - 02:47 PM has...
  10. MikeOfHeaven


    i installed ESF 1.2.3 all working blabla.... but when i try to start a game its done loading then it opens the console STILL in main menu and says this: NET Ports: server 27015, client 27005 Server IP address Metamod version 1.19p31 Copyright (c) 2001-2006 Will Day...
  11. MikeOfHeaven

    Esf 1.2.3 problem,

    hello, ;) i got a problem when i start a Lan game, its says loading but the games closes whats the problem of this?:confused: