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    half-life 2 wasnt leaked buddy that was a photoshopped pic thats hwy i said "It looks real though right?" :rolleyes: god the admins here r so uptight :\
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    Half-Life 2 Leaked?!?!?!

    ;) :) lol it looks real though right? :talk: sorry if i brought anyones dreams crashing down ;)
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    Final Fantasy Trilogy

    Movie very funny sorry if its been posted b4
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    I jus saw it on cartoon network lol, i dont think they raped it much, but i really dont have much room to talk considering ive never seen it b4 and i liked dubbed anime better..... but still i didnt think it was that bad, reminds of of dbz only with robots though....woops.../me puts on flame...
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    Tha whistles go WOO WOO!!

    go to and youll understand how i got my sig and why im in the woo wo fanclub ;)
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    Budakai 2 Question

    Its going to have the buu saga right? and i think i misspelled budakai D:!
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    That new Zelda game.....

    For gamecube. I saw it at walmart, and got to play it, and let me tell you that the graphics made me violently throw up...its one of the worst looking games ive ever seen....... nintendo made a big mistake making this one....
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    The Shuttle...

    By now youve all heard, very sad :cry:
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    What OS are you? I got this the first time And this the second So either way its not good for me :cry:
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    Counter-Stick 1 and 2

    2 - 1 - Very funny.....if you have already seen it...well...good EDIT: watch 1 first so u get the 2nd one better
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    testing sig

    1 2 3
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    :o :shocked: that looks like its gonna be a awsome mod considerin the engine its based on
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    With The Release Party....

    What excatly is everyone gonna do...(besides party) ;) i mean r they gonna talk about the mod or what :shocked:
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    Well this Really Sucks

    I wanna go to the release party but i have no idea how to use Irc. yep i dl it a little while ago and im completely clueless (im used to AIM) everyone laugh at the retard! :cry:
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    I know it comes out tomorrow and i know when the RP is but what time of day do you think youll release it? (Extremely sorry if this has been posted before i did serch b4 posting so oops if i missed it :fight: )
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    Omg wee im a moron

    How do you put pics in your sigs, lol this forum is diff than the one i used to go to were it had the option to browse for it, could someone explain *hides his head in embarrassment* :S
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    Another newb another thread

    Hello all nice mod, i started playin it a few months back, got a new comp and never got around to dling it again but recently i started playing again, tis fun. And just so i dont earn a bad reputation while playing, if you ever see me in a game and i start cussin my brains out and whining, it...