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    Station 6 (SiC) 6

    Hey, do you like Metal? Rap? whatever,well,not rap,just metal,then heres the place for you DJ Cyrax (me) DJ StatiX and DJ DragZ are hosting are station from 6-12 PM eatern time tonight,all music,all night,you might even get some rap out of us. We hope you listen, We'd appreciate all inputs and...
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    Red Saiyan dot net...

    What happened? I was gonna post up my Fire Goku and Ice Goku models with sprites,and the site was down,anyone tell me what happened? he forget to pay the bill or what? -Shadz
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    Sprite file needed

    hey,could someone send me this sprite file? lgtning.spr
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    -)SnS(- Problem

    You might have gotten a complaint about this before but,i was in my server and a SnS member joined,and him and other guy were talking how a member of SnS named "Optional" came in and said, were the SnS the best ESF Clan and Hackers or something like that,then closed the server,they both left...
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    Modifying help

    hey,im been making ESF to my own custom liking,but i need one program to complete it, i need a VRML 2 or .wrl viewer or something,i wanna change the color of when the model turns SSJ,the spining yellow aura i wanna change into red,do you think you guys could help me? -Shadz
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    MP3 Player problem

    Hey, My MP3 player is messed up guys. When I join a server,it works,when i make a server,it crashes,so i have to get rid of the mp3 folder to make a server,how can i fix this?
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    Beta Release

    Hey, I know a lot of people are waiting for beta... that time scheldule thing said it would be out about 9 my time,its now 11!!! whats the big delay?
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    ESF Beta Release

    Hey ESF Team, Why are you guys releasing the beta at 9pm PCT? is it so you can do some final testing or something? -Shadz