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    connecting issues

    im haiving probelems connecting to all halflife life servers no matter the mod and sierra halflife website isnt providing any answers. ok heres the deal when i try to join a server i click on it and and the normal joining procedure begins until it goes initializing and downloading, after that...
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    im curious...

    this has probably been asked before so im sorry, but i was wondering what version you will be able to go to the second transformation or possibly the 3rd transformation with characters thanks.
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    i was wondering

    i know that you need 150 posts to upload your custom avatar..but what about animations that go underneath your sig or whatever becuase i have seen like trunks and goten fusing and stuff.. how do you do those? ..thanks
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    im curious

    im curious to know how many SSJ levels there are going to be in the beta... like just SSJ or will there be SSJ2 and SSJ3... sorry if this question has already been asked i try to look at every thread.. o and one other thing how do you get a icon or picture under your name.. thanks