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    Spider-man may soon be an Avenger

    What do you think about this? I'm curious to hear some opinions from any prospective Spidey fans. Apparently Sony will have one more movie with him until that happens though... Maybe.
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    Now you have an excuse!

    It would seem that soon-ish you will finally have the perfect excuse to why Frieza can take on anyone in SSJ2 form in ESF:Final. If the Cyborgs, Piccolo and Krillin also receive such a buff then the set will be complete. Oh and there's another movie coming out... or that maybe came out...
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    Brace yourselves Xenoverse is coming

    As you might be aware Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the first Dragonball game, developed by the big guys which is not a mod or an MMO (at least the first relevant one in many years) that is finally coming to PC and is now available for pre-order on steam. Have fun resisting the urge to not be a...
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    I believe this upcoming game deserves some of your attention

    Currently in closed alpha... probably. Don't know didn't have the money to back it on Kickstarter. Check out for pictures and stuff here: and for YouTube videos here For all you...
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    Question regarding some console commands

    Is it possible to use a console command to prevent the draining of power when flying at high speed? Just that not infinite power if possible.
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    Hello there stupidity, your name is Square Enix!

    Hello there stupidity! You're name is Square Enix. And here's a nice reaction to it. Well now it's indeed high time for Tombraider 2 to...
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    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate ninja Storm Revolution

    I actually just noticed this but apparently a new Ninja storm game is on the way and it will be hitting steam immediately, from what they say. I promises new jutsus as well as jutsu combinations between teams of characters and some other shit that probably is cool but I can't focus because of...
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    Battlefield Hardline is now open beta

    Yup it says closed, but if you sign up and select the glorious PC (obviously) as a platform, you'll be in just like that. Anyone else (from Europe) daring enough to risk trying it out?
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    If ESF was an RPG...

    ... or if the 'big guys' would make a Dragonball 'create your own character' RPG (that is not an MMO) with a really complex character creator. This is just a simple worthless thread that will be here just so people would have a read of what ideas I would have if I were in charge of making a...
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    A good Singleplayer campaign for Battlefield 4

    Finally DICE has made a brilliant single player campaign for Battlefield 4. It is amazing! Funtastic rambalambalabalalabala balba blabal e F I can't wait to see what they do with Star Wars Battlefront! WOOOO!! Eating Apes!!! Nock-a-lunder!
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    Free indie Games! Get em while they're hot!

    Available games: Trine 2: Complete Story - Given Mark of the Ninja - Given Eets Munchies - Given Brutal Legend - Given FTL Faster than Light - Given FEZ - Given Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken A Virus Named Tom I either already have or don't give a **** about these games. So pm me for the Steam...
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    I've had enough internet for today.

    Short and simple. What is the video/ picture/ anything else that can be found on the internet that just made you say: "Okay, I've had enough internet for today." For me it has to be this video. No clue what they are saying. But it's still... Well...
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    On the faithful day that ESF:F will release...

    I'm curious about 1 thing just for some giggles. When you release it what kind of a release would you see yourselves going for? With announcements or even a bit of a video to make people aware that it will release on a specific date, or that it's around the corner. With a surprise...
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    What kind of a Video-Game would your favorite Anime be?

    So I was thinking of making a post like this. I like Anime and I like Video Games. I am a PC gamer. So why don't I get to play some really sweet Anime games. We're playing dreams and imagination here, hopefully we'll also take it a bit seriously, too. This is a world where western RPG...
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    Ki(energy) consumption in ESF:F

    Ok hopefully I didn't post this in the wrong place. So I've done a quick search as much as my patience allowed me to through the forum and I didn't find a topic like this, at least not with the same title(I'm still lazy sue me, and I also want to make sure to get this info faster no matter what)...