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    Ending Of Eva?What goin on?

    ok thanks. so you saying commabder iriai want to fuse his wife which is rei with adam? did they story tell why the angels attacks humans?
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    Ending Of Eva?What goin on?

    Ok, I just watched Eva. I was totally confused when I was watching the ending. Who send the last angel? Where did angels come from? What is the commander really trying to do with the evas and adam. WTH? Is the whole story about how the father wants his son to realizes that no one hate him...
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    fast fast fighting

    This is a team game or 1 vs all game. if you want no one to interupt you, go open a server yourself.
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    Acutally Buu's transformation time line should be like this: 1. Kid buu - the original buu, most evil 2. Muscular buu - west surpreme kai asbored 3. Fat buu - The north surpreme fat kai asbored 4. Thin buu - The evil buu lies under fat bun 5. Not-that-thin buu - Fat buu is asbored 6...
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    What can beam jump use for?

    yea i know that why i said "if it is doable"
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    What can beam jump use for?

    I am not sure if this idea is doable, we will have to find out when 1.1 come out. here you go. Say you get meleed by someone. And you are flying toward the floor or the wall, instead of hold your left mouse button, you charge a beam and shoot at the wall to ethier stop yourself or dogde...
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    What can beam jump use for?

    What can Beam Jump be use for? here are some of the idea. 1. When you melee a person on the ground, they will fly up. Then, immedately use beam to jump up to him before he recover, and melee him again. 2. using beam jump to jump around on ESF_CITY Share you thoughts.
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    Question about 1.1

    1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 yea 1.1
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    pings v1.1

    The screen shots are cool.....holy.
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    what is left to do??

    i am looking forward to 1.1 take all the you need to fix the team.
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    ESF's New Gohan

    He looks cool. but the clothes need some work. :yes:
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    The Spirt Bomb

    too much spirit bomb will not be good
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    Earth League??

    Earth league? i suck, so i cannot play.
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    any chance of the melee to:

    that sound cool to me
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    OMG! this guy lives upto his name!

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    That's What I Hate!

    they are just BSing .. i think
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    how do u all feel about this?

    Never heard about it
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    Most frustrating things in ESF?

    Most frustrated thing? When people complain about me "blocking" too much.
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    Hey, try to make 1 vs 5 power struggle. It will be cool
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    change the melee please?

    I think the current Malee System is extreme bad. All you do is knocking around! Also, I think the this kind of Malee can only be use by Goku as a skill, which should take up lot and lots of KI.. Remember, Kai Punch? Doesn't the Malee look like Kai Punch? Or whatever you call it. Goku...