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  1. J

    What connection you got?

    I've got cable. It rocks:cool:
  2. J

    Whats your Video Card?

    Matrox Millenium G550
  3. J

    your age?

    Not alone you are I just turned 14
  4. J


    Its still not working with me
  5. J

    your a ... wat dbz char

    <p align="center"><img border="0" src="" width="360" height="200"></p> <p align="center"><font face="Verdana" size="1"><a href="">Which DragonballZ Character are you?</a> By <a...
  6. J

    Console Wars!

    There's no need for that. PS2 is already better than X-BOX now. I've had a PS2 from the moment that they brought it out.(don't now if this is correct english but...:D ) I've played the X-BOX a few times and I also played GC. Personally I think PS2and GC share top and X-BOX is waaaaaaaaaay down
  7. J

    Half-Life Mode

    I like the idea to kill marines with kiblasts Is it possible to do it without any special download or something
  8. J

    strange update message

    I downloaded it but it still doesnt work:cry: ;(
  9. J

    Half Life 1110

    you could also try to go to They don't have as much as fileplanet but you don't have to wait BTW pick the poland download its the fastest;)
  10. J

    strange update message

    I downloaded 2.0 and it worked for a month till now
  11. J

    strange update message

    when I start esf I get a strange message that sais that my version is not up to date and I need to update it but it doesn't work. And now I can't play any games exept for the ones I create myself can anyone help me out
  12. J

    Ah, big problem plz help...

    you could try to download it from this place hope it works