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    ESF SPLASH SCREEN. What you think?

    :rolleyes: vegeta always has to moadn about stuff in very thread :devgrin:
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    Long Life?

    every time someone psts something...about 15 posts later it has nothing to do wif the question :P:rolleyes:
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    Long Life?

    this game is good, but im getting bored with the same ol' there gonne be a veriety of game modes? liek capture the flag, and survival...and round based stuff?:D
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    Gohan attacks

    :rolleyes: hey ;bout the screen thing:rolleyes: its not the size mate...its how you use it :D
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    Super punch

    sup?! i was wonderin if in esf there is gonne be the option for a super punch, like in the oh so great dmz? esf and dmz r perfectly equal, from past posts people diss them both from each game them both ull see;) ;) :\ ;) ;)
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    dude, if you had a 56k try typing rate 7500 or rate 5999 in console it lowers it... as for you cablers *I ENVY YOU* :P
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    hey again just wonderin if there is any console commands to lower pings...i use the rate 7500 it helps a bit but i need a bit more :P thnx Noobified
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    hi again, i was wonderin do you have an official server, cos the ones i go to r realy pretty*t there have been osme good ones but there isnt many, if poss' could you get an official server? from or something? cheers Noobified
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    Maps, Maps, Maps

    dang you reply fast... yeh but my big bang didnt hold it back!?!?!
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    Maps, Maps, Maps

    hehe O_O thnx ...i think well i sorted it was that ssj stuff...why didnt you release it wif the actual download? ahh i have one question... i was playing a guy called K-Sharp yesterday, he was vegeta i was goku...i had a fuly charged sprit bomb and he had a 1/3 blue ball...
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    Maps, Maps, Maps

    ;( ;( ;( wheni try to join a server, all the servers have new maps,,,where do i go to get 'em? cheers p.s. am i the only brit to actually play this? p.p.s. Gr8 mot