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    Bots acting weird!!

    when my bots do that i just hit them and it frees them but they get pissed at you so watching
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    I changed the fmod.dll but...

    The video cfg. is in the first menu it is call configeration click it the open video then open video modes its the last tab
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    Installation Problem (Disc space)

    I think esf takes more room up than that or i would defrag the computer then uninstall programs you dont need. But try the defrag to see if thats gives you the room you need
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    Game exits when I have bots installed HELP!!

    ok i use these bots every time i play esf when i downloaded them about a month ago it did the same thing, but i read the readme and it told me you have to delete (bot.cfg) to stop the crashing so now i play with them and they are fun and hard. Good luck in fixing it.
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    need help with aura pack

    First put back the old one and see if it works if it dont work with the old one you delete somthing you should not have. If it does work then your video card wont handle it so it wont work.