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  1. Joabos

    Ragdoll Physics

    Just to clarify, I didn't mention that his PC is Mid-end; It's obviously Low-end. Yours is superior, but it still won't run recent games on high settings anymore. And I don't think Valve wants the competition with their hands on their base code, too. So it's not likely that it'll be released.
  2. Joabos

    Ragdoll Physics

    Hm. My apologies then. Still, it will consume way more processing power from the players on a game that already has a high system requirement. If tweaking was done more efficiently, it MIGHT be possible, but otherwise it's just excluding even more people with low-end and mid-end computers...
  3. Joabos

    Ragdoll Physics

    Also, I don't think that GoldSource can do ragdoll without really bad performance chokes. Ragdoll Physics are a Source feature, an old engine such as GoldSource wouldn't handle the constant code updates for placement of bodies. Even if it's possible, it's gonna lag and crash really bad.
  4. Joabos

    Aesthetic Dash Suggestion

    What? No, no. Radial Blur is completely unnecessary, I actually didn't even notice it in the screenshot. The effect looks great without any blurring, which as previously said, ruins your visibility. Sorry for the misunderstanding though.
  5. Joabos

    Aesthetic Dash Suggestion

    I'm not saying it's perfect, that's actually a massive flaw it's got, but it still looks better than the one being used now. The FX can be edited however the FX editors want, of course.
  6. Joabos

    Aesthetic Dash Suggestion

    I've come to notice during the throwing video that ESF:F's Dash particle effect hasn't evolved since ESF 1.2.3, so here's a fix to turn dashing into a sexier effect that pleases the eye and gives a visual sense of great speed. See, here's ESF:F's dash: It looks nothing like the show's, as you...
  7. Joabos

    Throwing Tutorial Preview Video

    Uh...I don't get it. That animation before the throw is pretty sexy, though. Even when the characters have their facial expressions and eye movement permanently stuck on "Zen". So yeah, looking pretty professional, keep it up, and the simple way of doing the move keeps it slick and stylish.
  8. Joabos

    New Game Mode

    Too obvious. A vague text without any images or description? Better luck next time, because you didn't fool me for a second.:p Still, i'm downloading just to see what this joke's all about.
  9. Joabos

    CPU Survey

    My Core 2 Duo is an old model even though I have a high-end PC so it doesn't handle SSE4. Most these days do have SSE3 and SSSE3, though.
  10. Joabos

    So tempted to...

    True. True. It still has no exclusives though, and i'd buy a console just to play some of the great stuff out there on the PS3.
  11. Joabos

    So tempted to...

    Are you implying the Because recently the Xbawx has no exclusive releases and the PS3 has tons.
  12. Joabos

    Any new updates?

    Oh man, it's been a month since the last update. I'm all hyped up.
  13. Joabos

    So tempted to...

    The PS3 is a really good console, and has some very good exclusives such as Uncharted 2 and MGS4. However, it doesn't really have all that many games worth having when you buy the few good exclusives and the online is horrible, I think. If you're in it for teh graficks, get a high-end PC and...
  14. Joabos

    Of course not, m'dear. I just enjoy that song, and many others Weebl produces.

    Of course not, m'dear. I just enjoy that song, and many others Weebl produces.
  15. Joabos

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Trunks vs Frieza

    Seriously though, you guys should keep the bloom down a bit. It will still have a pretty effect, but not be eye-blindingly white. GEE TECHNOLOGY SURE IS IMPRESSIVE ALSO OW MY EYES
  16. Joabos

    Get on mah hoars.

    Get on mah hoars.
  17. Joabos

    What Was Your Faviorest Game Ever

    Mous4u, this kind of multi-choice poll doesn't work since there are over 1000 videogames in the world so I'll just say it here. My favorite vidyas are Team Fortress 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Metal Gear Solid 3, Street Fighter Alpha and, finally, Resident Evil 4. I really can't decide which...
  18. Joabos

    EC to the forcepit?

    I'm still a noob, but I would like to see Force Pit content. Why hide it from the public? It made sense while you could donate your way in, but now that can't be done anymore. I DEMAND ANSWERS
  19. Joabos


    While this map is looking SRSLY good, the buildings, the most noticeable features of the map, are looking extremely sharp in their sides. I believe they would look better with round edges. ...Also, without the breakable objects due to the new map system, it's going to get ****ing frustrating...
  20. Joabos

    Oh evilchimp, you silly goose. Also, i herd u liek castlevania

    Oh evilchimp, you silly goose. Also, i herd u liek castlevania