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  1. LOPAO

    Costume caracter powers and special tricks

    Hi, how would be to add 7 space for capsules like in dragon ball z infinite world, something like costume :yes: that will be great everyoane can custome her/him caracter :d 3 - Attacks , like Kamehaha-ha..,Spirit bomb .. Fusion Gogeta etc .. i'm refering at goku 4 - Special trick, like full...
  2. LOPAO

    Video for combo

    Hi, again:rolleyes: Hmm you said , you wanna do for every person / model of the esf a super combo.. like i said in another topic, punch with legs hand and at last a blast or something like this. E i'm thinking to do for this super combos a movie . when someoane do the super combo the video...
  3. LOPAO

    Models voice

    Hi, again. Every model to have his voie . hm for example Vegeta when he transform say kakarot i wnna kill or something like that Or when vegeta kill goku .. "This is you end kakarot" or something like this. :confused: Thank you
  4. LOPAO

    Stamina Property/ Power increase

    Hi again:D This will be somthing easy to make .. In the combo and when punch the stamina decrease in functon of the combo how difficult if it or how many punch have. Power increase: Yes, in the punch the power increase and i'm not refering at the power points and at the blue line No't the...
  5. LOPAO

    New combo / Controls

    FOr all players to bo a special combo Like goku.. to full power make a combo special teleport punch and more and at last a blast That wanna macke the game much great:X and don't say he's not. But this will be something great. It was much great and amazing if you macke the blast with...
  6. LOPAO

    Effects of damage houses or holes blocks

    Hi, i'm new i realy like this mod and i played many times. I have a suggestion about new version it was very nice if the map is destroyed like in the dbz from ps2 when someoane blast the earth it makes a holes or when blast a house or a block that is crashed.. I think you understand what i'm...