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  1. Trules

    Black Goku

    Helow guys : I have made black goku . The only thing is not made by me is the face texture that is from ecx vegito model Here are some screenshots:
  2. Trules

    ESF low fps

    I recently re installed esf 1.2.3 and ECX RC2 addon . its all fine until i join a server and start playing i have crazy framedrops from 700 to 10 and 7 fps i don't know what is wrong , please help: my specs are : CPU:intel core i5 4460 @ 3.2Ghz GPU:Nvidia Geforce...
  3. Trules

    Dragon ball Z Free Models

    Hi guys recently i have discovered an awesome website that has free already made models and textures with almost all Dragon Ball Z characters. Here it is : I would be happy if this is going to help esf team finish the game faster knowing the lack of...
  4. Trules

    Question about ESF...

    Hey guys i have heard that esf requires half life .And now is the question : Will I be able to play esf with Counter Strike 1.6 ... you know what i mean . i want to buy cs 1.6 and i was wondering if esf will work with it because CS 1.6 is a mod of half life ? or i need only half life to play esf
  5. Trules

    Vegeta and Goku models normal and ssj form

    Hi guys recently i reskined vegeta and goku models and the result its prety good .I did not made the models only reskined them download link
  6. Trules

    Vegeta model request

    Hi every one i have searched buu saga vegeta model everywere i want this one in particulary if its posible its already created but if some of you have it plz share it with me this is the model that i want soo bad
  7. Trules

    Goku mdls esf 1.2.3 +ecx rc2 +cool tubo aura made by solent

    HI guys i'm new to this community and i want to share with you my goku models from normal form to ssj 3 for me it looks good an it has some awesome animations the model its just retextured by me not created ( dont know the autor but i thank him) here is the photo : and these are the models for...