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  1. MikeOfHeaven

    How did you find ESF?

    I made a same thread about this back in 2011, and the thread ended up dead ofcourse hehe, so how did you guys found esf? I remember somewhere in 2008 i found an ESF video, and then i came across the forums, and was just watching it for a while, until i made a account somewhere in 2009. So how...
  2. MikeOfHeaven

    ESF Release Schedule - Important

    I will buy Half Life once it is released. Not going to throw 10 dollars away and maybe do a year nothing with it.
  3. MikeOfHeaven

    ESF Release Schedule - Important

    I voted for option 2. I'm pretty much done waiting for like 4 years now.
  4. MikeOfHeaven

    hi .

    hi .
  5. MikeOfHeaven

    Just wondering...

    You're serious?
  6. MikeOfHeaven

    Just wondering...

    Is it possible to make ESF:Final with frostbite 2? Just wondering.
  7. MikeOfHeaven

    UPDATE: Maps 2011 *video*

    I love the namek map!
  8. MikeOfHeaven

    [Old PotW] New Desert Duel picture!

    Looks pretty awesome.
  9. MikeOfHeaven

    [Old PotW] Vegeta vs Kid Buu (Kami's Lookout)

    Upload it in png.
  10. MikeOfHeaven

    Hey nederlander! :p

    Hey nederlander! :p
  11. MikeOfHeaven

    Ginyu body change?

    Is it included or possible?
  12. MikeOfHeaven

    Problems with ESF 1.3 open beta final

    Wrong section.
  13. MikeOfHeaven

    How did you found ESF?

    I want to know how you guys came here, how i came here: i searched on youtube with 'dragonball z pc game' then i found a video with esf and started searching google and i found the site. :P
  14. MikeOfHeaven

    [Old PotW] ASPLODE!

    Awesome graphics..
  15. MikeOfHeaven

    Dragon ball KAI

    I dont like Kai. they cut almost anything out of the battle scenes.
  16. MikeOfHeaven

    Dead alien in Russia?

    I agree with that. *lol*
  17. MikeOfHeaven

    [Old PotW] PotW 4/17/2011

    *Lives in The Netherlands*
  18. MikeOfHeaven

    DragonBall GT

    I never watched GT. does it suck?
  19. MikeOfHeaven

    hoi o/

    hoi o/
  20. MikeOfHeaven

    esf: final release