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    Goku ssjgss and Vegeta ssjgss vs Frieza movie leak

    Hey guys. Found something you guys might want to see. As for the Vegeta fans, you'll get to see Vegeta beat the crap out of Frieza :heart: Goku and Vegeta vs Frieza: *Deleted* Movie footage: *Deleted* Cheers!
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    How's The Progress?

    Hey peepz, i've been lurking around, visiting this page a few times a month, and i'm just wondering.. Everything seems extremely quiet here. Is this a good sign that ur hurrying to finish the game, or a just sign that the development is going very slowly? What has happened lately in the...
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    New Years Trailer Is Up In A Few Hours

    Yes, it will be up soon. Look at their latest status on Facebook.!/esforcescom?fref=ts
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    The Perfect Video

    Just throught that I should show you guys the best video that has ever been created by humanity :3
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    Breathing System

    I just had this idea I want to suggest. When the characters have used a lot of energy or are damaged then what about implementing a breathing system so it'll look like they're tired or had a tough time. I believe it would give us a nice DBZ experience :)
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    What's Happening?

    It's so quiet now. There hasn't been said anything for weeks, what's happening?
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    Courious About Something

    How many of the models in Esf: Final are complete? And what characters aren't done yet.
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    Mastering Super Saiyan Forms

    Hey, as you know the first time you obtain a new transformation it'll be harder to control than the baseform in dbz and in the upcoming Esf: Final but i was thinking about something. What about creating the ability to master the super saiyan form just like goku and gohan did in the hyberbolic...
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    Training For More Power Idea

    I've been thinking about an idea here. In dbz Goku and Vegeta and the others were training to get power so i was thinking. What about in Esf:Final being able to gain power by blasting beams, hitting and kicking out in the air until your energy runs out one or serveral times and then you get...
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    Powerlevel dropping

    In esf 1.2.3 i noticed that everytime i died i lost some of my powerlevel. Will what happen too in Esf:final? because if so, it'll be a little difficult to progress in super saiyan form to the next level.
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    Esf Collision And Tumbling Video

    Check it out I'll be fapping to this from now on :3
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    Include Funimation Music In Esf?

    Hi, i was thinking about something here :D I think that Adding Dbz Funimation music to the esf game could make it even more epic. For example when you're summoning the eternal dragon this theme plays. Think about it ^_^
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    Instant Transmission Kamehameha?

    What about a Instant Transmission Kamehameha attack for goku? It's never been done before :D
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    Fly Longer

    Will we be able to fly longer in Esf:final? I remember in esf 1.2.3 i could only fly for like 5 secs and then my character stopped and i had to push w again. :s
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    Vegeta SSJ3 Theme

    Hey guys, just found this custom made SSJ3 theme for vegeta and it sounds EPIC, think you should hear it. (Epicness starts at 0:50)
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    Bigger Powerlevels?

    Are there gonna be bigger powerlevels? It would make the game more realistic because in esf 1.2.3 max powerlevel is 999,999,999 But gokus powerlevel as ssj3 in buu saga was around 700,000,000,000 according to daizenshuu. :D
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    Esf:Final Beta Testing

    Is is possible to be a beta tester for Esf:Final, what does it require? I have plenty of time for a job like that if needed.
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    Idea For ESF FINAL Bots

    I think i've found a pretty good idea here. What about making players able to choose a bots transformation level when you spawn it? ( like spawning goku who's already ssj? ) That would be pretty nice when you want to relive a fight from the show like goku ssj vs final form frieza :D
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    Bot Transformations

    Will the bots be able to transform several times like from Frieza 1st form, 2nd form, 3rd form and then 4th form? Cuz that would be awesome :cool:
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    "What if" characters Like Ssj3 Vegeta?

    Hi all i'm new to the forums. I have an idea for the new Esf yet in development. What about making "what if" characters like Vegeta ssj3 and future Trunks ssj2 for example :D