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    Phonebloks Discuss.
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    How often do you wash/change your bedsheets, and how long is too long?

    Just got to thinking, and was wondering, how often do you guys change your bedsheets? And how long before you consider your sheets to have been on your bed for too long?
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    Do you? Don't you? Discuss. I'm thinking of getting my crack and stomach waxed. Started getting body hair growing on my torso last year, don't like it D:
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    Lord of the Rings Online - Now Free to Play!
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    WOW. I thought originality had long since expired, but once again, Christopher Nolan has proven me wrong! In an age where every plot has been done to death, to the point where now everyone just re-releases older films, with updated CGI or better graphics, or footage to cater for a more...
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    Gary Coleman dies Can't say I saw this one coming :o
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    Dying good samaritan left to bleed to death as bystanders walk past Wow.
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    RIP Guru 20/04/10

    Yesterday, Guru passed away :(
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    Line-In Audio lag with windows 7

    I have this annoying lag on my audio playback, from a line-in source, which is seriously ****ing annoying. Makes doing what I do a nightmare, between what I instantly hear in my headphones, which plays about 0.4 seconds later through my speakers. Does anyone know what is causing this Line-In...
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    Black Dynamite

    Guys, if you haven't seen this film already, go and see it! Saw it in October or November or something, it's probably the funniest movie I've seen in about 5 years, pure genius, doesn't rely on the random sex jokes or lad jokes you see in crap like The Hangover, Couples Retreat, etc etc...
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    atokun111kyusyu Check her **** out D; And the rest of them!! She's frickin amazing!
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    PC Port of GTA IV?

    May seem like a stupid question, I'm not really that knowledged about PC technology and stuff anymore, but I was wondering why a PC with better specifications than that of the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, has such huge performance issues running Grand Theft Auto IV? What's the deal, and why does...
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    Merry Christmas, *****es!!

    What the title says!! It's great to live in Europe.
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    Sad? Or skilled with a needle and thread?
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    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE 7.1

    After screwing up 2 motherboards in the space of 3 days, I decided to rework my system. Moving to an AM2 motherboard and an Athlon 64 X2 cpu with the extra yet cheap fishing out of more cash for DDR2 Ram modules. Basically, how much better is the Audigy SE 7.1's sound quality compared with a...
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    Afro Samurai

    Anyone watching Afro Samurai? I freakin love it!! For those that don't know about it, in terms of style it's like Samurai Champloo but the artwork is slightly better, and the voices are in English. The animation brought tears of joy to my eyes, finally a fighting anime, with fast paced action...
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    World Of Warcraft: A Hunter's Story enjoy folks :)
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    AMV Hell

    these AMVs are amazing, one of which, won tons of awards at Animecons etc Edited out for Content warnings and viewer discretion are next to the respective amv links, you have been warned :devil:
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    Anime drought, help me out

    IM A POET AND I DONT EVEN KNOW IT anywhoo, i need some anime to watch, preferably old anime, ones from before 2002, or ones that were very good. Im looking for purely action anime, anime such as Cowboy Bebop, Last Exile, Samurai Champloo, and Samurai 7 I want as little humour as possible...
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    Anime Images Stock

    You can find some in these links.