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  1. MrKurt2011

    [Old PotW] YOU WILL GIVE!

    Amazing is the only word I can think of right away to describe this.
  2. MrKurt2011

    [Old PotW] POTW - 9/4/11

    Yes is all I can say to this.
  3. MrKurt2011

    Corrupt a Wish - The Inevitable Return

    Granted, sadly whilst doing this the red baron flies by and hits you causing you to explode into a bloody pulp while he crashes and survives. I wish I was the red baron climbing out of the wreckage and to go home, learn from my near death experience and to enjoy my life and be a family man.
  4. MrKurt2011

    [Old PotW] POTW - 8/7/11

    Good job on that model, you do well.
  5. MrKurt2011

    Corrupt a Wish - The Inevitable Return

    Granted, but you accidentally make yourself an old man and for that split second you trip on a pebble and roll down the grand canyon, eventually to your death at the bottom of the chasm. I wish that I was Ares the god of war.
  6. MrKurt2011

    [Old PotW] CHIDORI!

    Are you also going to make Burter ungodly fast like in the videogames as well.
  7. MrKurt2011


    Well at least you guys keep a good balance of being serious and having a good time, I salute you for this.
  8. MrKurt2011


    Does everyone go crazy and shoot their biggest blasts over and over again to test stability? That would be pretty hardcore.
  9. MrKurt2011

    The Streaming/Youtube act.

    I don't want to live in this kind of horrible Apocalyptic world that is coming!!!!!
  10. MrKurt2011


    I knew I was missing something, it does not hurt to be optimistic I suppose.
  11. MrKurt2011


    Sounds like my cup of tea, what is the catch good sir.
  12. MrKurt2011

    Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

    I will add this to my extensive dragonball game library.
  13. MrKurt2011


    Quick dumb question, do you guys test all at once or by yourselves just playing and looking for problems or a mix of the two, like sometimes all of you test at once and the option to test separately.
  14. MrKurt2011


    Trust me man,I got a lot of spare time and patience, I could fly around a map for hours shooting beams at stuff and etc. in every nook and cranny of a map to find flaws/bugs and or glitches. Basically doing crazy things that people might do or might not do when they play,but by myself all alone...
  15. MrKurt2011

    I was such an idiot

    You aren't alone in that.
  16. MrKurt2011

    Gay Marriage Legal in NY

    I agree with Avenger, there is my 2 cents.
  17. MrKurt2011

    [Old PotW] New Desert Duel picture!

    Its beautiful.
  18. MrKurt2011

    Gay Marriage Legal in NY

    I have no strong feelings one way or the other.
  19. MrKurt2011

    The State of the ESF Forums

    This makes me happy.
  20. MrKurt2011

    Don't worry, I will be your only friend.

    Don't worry, I will be your only friend.