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    Hawki's Work

    sorry for double spamming but, can u make me an avatar plz for when i get 50 posts?
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    class chating...

    :] trunks is kinda weak but his finishing buster shakes u up
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    Hawki's Work

    hi guys, thanks so much hawki_ice and whoever said some guy name vegetablaze, thats me i made this as another account
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    class chating...

    i use vegeta a lot more then goku...he only has a good move which is kamehameha
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    Is My Sig A Little Big

    is this picture at the bottom under my gifs too big?
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    Ape maps

    swiss cheeze???
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    how do i exactly add bots?

    i love trunks even more, he is always here when i need help and he is very kind too *blushes* :)
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    i wouldnt really call this a newb should be in a help section...move this please
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    new maps

    the server should automaticly download should say map not found, server will download it
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    i never knew esf could have so many people wanna play it O_O O_O O_O O_O
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    ESF Screenshots

    how the hell did u get that score
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    class chating...

    ok piccolo's great SBC and eye lazer are fun as hell
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    kinda a wierd question if u ask me lol :]
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    Blockcounter balancing idea, NOW WITH VOTING!

    off topic: hey v' ive seen u in esf b4 ive played with u alot on topic: and i agree with v'
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    ESF Freezes when I try to RUN it ;(

    oh no! opengl....i heard this i think its somewhere in the newb section people ask about it and some1 anwsers it
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    mp3 player help!

    MOVE THIS THING TO THE MISCALANEOUS where it says stuff about mp3 player
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    good job
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    check out dis

    check out dis
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    class chating...