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  1. Hibiki

    KOTOR MMO : This time it's for reals WHAT EVER COULD THE GAME BE?!
  2. Hibiki

    Something wicked this way comes..

    Max Payne at large. Link says it all! This actually looks surprisingly damn good.
  3. Hibiki

    Chrono Trigger DS tick tick
  4. Hibiki

    Go Speed Go!

    This is a movie about a man.. No wait this is a movie about a single car.... Mach 5's aside this is by far the second best movie to come out this year. (I don't hold out much hope for old Indiana..) Speed Racer is basically a 2 and a half hour live action episode of the classic...
  5. Hibiki

    The World Ends With You

    Just came out. Totally awesome. Made a big post on PA. Not gonna copy it here. Everyone who has a ds should play this.
  6. Hibiki

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!! Pierce the heavens.. Again!

    First up is what appears to be a new prequel series. Looks like its about Kamina's dad. Not to mention the just announced theatrical version of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann...
  7. Hibiki

    GREAT BRITAIN, SPIN ON! So apparently a few people are actually taking the results of that online pole for a new design for the union jack seriously. With seriously awesome results.
  8. Hibiki

    Gnometánamo Bay Method of finding terrorists? Or an excuse to play WoW at work? Only time will tell.
  9. Hibiki


    It seems like during a map change something can get bugged up and on the next map and every other map after that there is a huge collection of giant sprites in the sky that look like a giant explosion. I'm thinking it has something to do with a beam exploding or doing something at the wrong...
  10. Hibiki

    Well my head a splode capcom vs namco?!?! IN A SRPG?!?!?!?! A BUUUH!?!? this is possibly one of the coolest ideas for a strat game i...
  11. Hibiki

    About Spoilers

    Seeing as this seems to be a huge problem with people ill clear some things up Making a whole post with nothing but "Thats a spoiler" is SPAM total complete and utter spam and is could be considered spoiling in itself The moderators are quite capable of reading the english language and...
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    bout bloody time!
  13. Hibiki

    So ive been thinking alot about bees lately im sure everyones heard it and that the story is over and all that but is it over? theres now a new timer on the site for being wide awake and physical zero hour for this new date is Nov 9th, 2552 an ironic date on many fronts first of all this is if...
  14. Hibiki

    Team America! Japanese style!!

    i want this game... i want it now.....
  15. Hibiki

    Greatest news this year? The words best news ever are thrown around alot lately with hl2 being completed, halo 2 being finished but i feel and im sure so many others agree that this is the best news this year bar none
  16. Hibiki

    First PSP adds running in japan

    wow normaly i wouldnt post something like this but this is just too much check this wonderful baby wow yeah nice add sony fat chance anyones gonna wanna buy the psp now i know wouldnt wanna buy it looking at that.. maybe gouge my eyeballs out from the uglyness of it sure but not...
  17. Hibiki

    Olly Olly Oxen Free

    yeah its just about the one thing that absolutely no one talks about on off topic for some reason yet its like the biggest game of the year i wonder why i am of course refering to halo 2 (ud get the title if u read the books ;) ) and all this crazyness for a pale guy with freckles in...
  18. Hibiki

    Hail to the king, baby id see it ;)
  19. Hibiki

    Dont Panic! impressive... most impressive.....
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    Anyone ever played this sweet sweet example of xbox gaming goodness from namco before? For thoes who havent breakdown (or project breakdown) is a first person fighting/shooter/sci-fi horror game about a guy named Derrek Cole who with out giving the plot away must uncover his past inorder to...