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  1. Hibiki

    Happy Birthday, honored inactive members!

    I actually remember these guys. How about that.
  2. Hibiki

    That is true! Now way like a new way!

    And heresy against the Emperor.
  3. Hibiki

    That is true! Now way like a new way!

    Just some stupid spam. You really should think twice before clicking random links.
  4. Hibiki

    A Monumental Occasion

    I believe this guy Would have an objection to your heretical claim. You heretic.
  5. Hibiki

    SailorAlea! I'm ~*~*~*~CALLING YOU OUT~*~*~*~*~

    How come I didn't get 3 pages?
  6. Hibiki


    Am I doin it rite?
  7. Hibiki

    DynCorp wants to patrol U.S. borders

    Best idea ever because this is how Armored Core started. Giant robot plaese!
  8. Hibiki

    KOTOR MMO : This time it's for reals WHAT EVER COULD THE GAME BE?!
  9. Hibiki

    You Bastards.

    I have been with out internets for days so I have a good excuse.
  10. Hibiki

    Spore buddies hells yeah!
  11. Hibiki

    LHC First Success

    Because if you had a nuke the size of a single atom the explosion wouldn't be very big.
  12. Hibiki

    Naruto: Naiteki Kensei

  13. Hibiki

    Armored Core: For Answer

    Yet you can magically afford rock band 2!? :O!!
  14. Hibiki

    Spore is out!

    So spore is fun
  15. Hibiki

    Reason Why ESF Will Never Be Using The HL2 Engine

    I will port ESF to source if everyone who wants it sends me $10,000.
  16. Hibiki

    Immortality is Just Around the Corner

    Nobody can live forever even if you never aged. You will eventually get hit by a truck or get some disease or suffer some other event that will kill you. The older you are the more likely it is you will die regardless of if you are aging or not.
  17. Hibiki

    Fallout 3... unbanned?

    They changed the drug Morphine to a fake drug. Thats about it.
  18. Hibiki

    Chinese Man Kills American Day of Opening Ceremonies

    It sounded like it was just a random act of violence since there was no way to know who those people were.
  19. Hibiki

    EA - No Boogeyman

    Everything I've ever gotten from Ikea has fallen apart or didnt work like it was supposed to.
  20. Hibiki

    EA - No Boogeyman

    Are you actually trying to say that Ikea makes good stuff and does not pump out tons of ****ty furniture to make tons of money with no regards to the customer?