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    fast question

    Animation - 100%
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    ESF: The Complete Player

    instant recovery is one possibility... getting smashed into the ceiling is another... and yet theres one more thing you can do :) overall, that 1.2.3 ceiling exploit is no longer a guaranteed combo any more :)
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    Darktooth's animation library progress

    haha, the one character Im most proud of would have to be Krillin form 2. I really did what I could do give him a new flare and actually make him a desirable character to play as. Though people played him in 1.2.3 since he has the insta kill destructo disc, I decided to make him more of a just...
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    Darktooth's animation library progress

    good answer :)
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    Darktooth's animation library progress

    Exactly!!! :)
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    ESF: The Complete Player

    I think the only thing that ESF Final does for you is as you hold RMB your beams home in on your locked target... not much of an assistance since the players move WAAAY faster and the beams turn much wider :P
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    Darktooth's animation library progress

    Good question!!! My animations are nearly completed!!!! Was quite a journey with over 650 animations for one character, but we're nearly over the hill! :)
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    Dragon Ball Unreal

    haha dont we all
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    Your team need the guy thats making db unreal

    haha thats so true, we need to work on our PR and demo releases. But thats whats so great about starting a new project, you can do whatever you want and just fill in the gaps as you go. But with ESF, the systems implemented are very elaborate and complex, the characters have a bunch of depth to...
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    Dragon Ball Unreal

    Everyone here wants to have a chance to play your project and see how far it can go. A lot of the people here have seen games/mods get shut down because they've asked for money in one way or another and we just dont want the same thing to happen to you. Since you're game has been popping up on...
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    Dragon Ball Unreal

    very cool, always fun to see new dbz mods/games coming out thats different from the typical bandai/namco stuff. Though doesn't becoming a patreon mean donating money?... Just hope that you dont get caught cause your asking for money to work on a licensed IP which is a big no no.
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    A message to the developers of Earth Special Forces

    I had to log-in and post specifically for this post. M.Piccolo, that was the most awesome post I've read in YEARS... I will have to admit that developing this mod has taken drastically longer than ANY of us could have ever imagined, I will have to say that Im glad that there is someone out...
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    I guess those animations werent used in this video. Maybe another video you'll see... perhaps the half closed eyes at the end will suffice!
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    did noone notice Gokus ANIMATED EYES!??!?!?! Charging kamehameha..... after he kills freeza?... You damn cynical detail people didnt even notice that!?
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    new work in progress esf mod

    Good job Werty on your add-on to our 1.2.3 release. I do hope you succeed in bring your goal to life, Its going to be a very long journey for you, but I hope you reach it.
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    Clearly you haven't learned space logic yet
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    Read .

    OMG! THE PWN OF CHILDISH RESPONSES!!!!! PUBLIC RANTS! OMGWTF! CHILDISH POSTS ON A PUBLIC FORUM! Use the darn pm option!!! Gonna have to start shooting fireballs from my eyes, and you DO NOT WANT THAT... especially since I cant aim.
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    ESF Team...

    You need to find something that you are passionate about, just learning to do something doesnt mean it'll be great. You have to want it to be great, its that extra niche that makes the quality product. Try out every aspect that you want to experience, then narrow it down to what you want to...
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    ESF Release Schedule - Important

    Realistically, mk25121994, hit it on the dot :) regular patches are just small fixes and tweaks to a completed game, while phases are fixes and a WHOLE lot more :P
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    I do see where your are coming from Critical_Error, and yes an additional 2 seconds can definitely be very helpful, however, with a game mechanic such as ours, a fast paced game, we need to have some sort of draw back as you get stronger. Again, yes 2 seconds is very little, but you also have to...