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  1. Sicron

    You suck at speaking foreign languages? Get an Android! That's pretty awesome actually. Obviously, while not perfect just yet, it's a step closer to those language translating modules you see in Sci-Fi series.
  2. Sicron

    HDMI Male to VGA Female connector

    Recently I bought me a new laptop, the HP Envy 15. Great laptop, but is has a slight inconvenience. It only has a HDMI port, and at school, we still use a lot of old projectors that still use VGA cables. Thus, I basically need a HDMI Male to VGA Female cordless connector. Now I know these exist...
  3. Sicron

    Need some help learning modelling in 3DS Max

    Well, basically, we have to create this object for our 3ds Max class. Now, our teacher being a complete moron, has teached us pretty much nothing (And by nothing I mean: he teached us how to open the program, and that's pretty much it.). Now fortune is upon me, for we have a relatively simple...
  4. Sicron

    "Look at the reflection in that guy's eyeball....ENHANCE" - The 111 Gixapixel project

    There have been many Gigapixel projects, but this one is topping them all right now:
  5. Sicron

    Need some ActionScript 3 help

    I have to make an assignment for school, and basically we have to make this Christmas card, made completely with ActionScript 3. And mind you, I am a complete Actionscript 3 noob. Now, it being winter and all, I added some snow to my card. The snow works fine, but we have certain prerequisites...
  6. Sicron

    Call 4 chan, we've got another one...

    Mind that the following website contains EXTREMELY graphic and offensive images. Do not take this lightly if you have a weak stomach, or if you are against extreme animal abuse. If you are, please read on instead of going to the website. For those that...
  7. Sicron

    Youtube working for anyone?

    Whenever I currently try to play a Youtube movie, it just gives me the player, playing a static green screen. Anyone else having this problem, or is it just isolated to me?
  8. Sicron

    Help finding the name of some music piece

    Recently I heard this piece of music on one of the Fox's Fall Season previews, since then, the movie has been deleted of Youtube by them (obviously..) but I was 'forced' to watch a documentary in class today, and the documentary just happened to include that piece of music as well, a longer...
  9. Sicron

    How's this for bizarre awesomeness Now imagine that, being stuck to someone, but able to share each others senses and thoughts. You could be making jokes to each other and nobody would know about it. Plus, bi-directional vision? I...
  10. Sicron

    The USA is screwed up...

    In light of that recent other thread, I present you with this: So let the discussion start, which is more screwed up? The UK or the USA?
  11. Sicron

    Need someone with music recognizing skills.

    So, there's this clip of the Fox Fall Season promo's, it has some music on it that I might be able to use for future projects. The thing is, nobody seems to know the title to this music. Here's the clip: Anyone got a clue?
  12. Sicron

    Chrome bookmark menu help

    Okay, so apparently my Google Chrome updated itself to the latest version, but now the width of my bookmark dropdown menu is the same size as the longest bookmark title I have. Which is nearly my entire screen. Does anybody know a fix to this? I couldn't find anything, and I don't want to change...
  13. Sicron

    The Faulty are back? Just saw on their website, it seems they have returned. For those of you that do not know, the Faulty was the provider of the original songs in the ESF MP3 player in-game.
  14. Sicron

    Windows 7/Vista installation problems

    I have posted this on the forums, the type of machine I am trying to install windows on is a Samsung R510, t5800, 9200M GS, 4GB of RAM. Now, in the mean while, I have been able to install Windows XP, and have been able to update the BIOS. Yet the problems with installing...
  15. Sicron

    What's the last thing you bought?

    I bought an ice-cream yesterday.
  16. Sicron

    Alien Swarm: Free on Steam beginning tomorrow. I love it how Valve is constantly giving freebies.
  17. Sicron

    There IS someone who can beat Chuck Norris. He can. On a side note. Did you know I am riding a horse...backwards?
  18. Sicron

    2 commercials made for school

    Just thought I'd show it off here. Two commercials we had to make for an assignment on school. The first one took 3 weeks to make. (including concept making, filming, and a little research.) We had to make a commercial about a bike in as little time as possible. We came up with the concept...
  19. Sicron

    Retrieving hidden password, program?

    Okay, so I have this problem. My school supplied me with a password for an FTP account with PHPMyAdmin on the schools server. Now, the thing is, I lost the paper that had the password to my account on it (and we weren't allowed to change our passwords). So I can't log in on my account on the...
  20. Sicron

    Okay, who is taking a piss on Sky here?

    Okay, who did it? Who will take the blame?