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  1. Z Power

    [Old PotW] Much Minty Such Fresh (2 pictures this week)

    Enjoy you rugrats. Courtesy of Devface.
  2. Z Power

    Free Battlefield 3! Grab it while its hot!

    Thats right mateys. If you have an origin account, you can grab BF3 for free until June 3rd. You can either get it through the Origin client itself or through the link below. Free Battlefield 3
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    [Old PotW] Much Special. Such Cannon.

  4. Z Power

    Titanfall Beta!

    For PC if you registered before the 15th you should automatically be into beta, just check Origin. I just finished the tutorial and man that was fun, I could walljump all day long. Not to mention jumping directly into your titan and having it catch you and put you into the cockpit is oh so...
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  6. Z Power

    EverQuest Next - NextGen MMO Awesomeness

    I have no absolutely no idea about the EverQuest series, but man am I interested now. Without further ado, videos worth gazillion words and all that. More reading...
  7. Z Power

    Superman/Batman Movie now official! [/INDENT]
  8. Z Power

    Lend me your strength - The Division on PC

    Good day Gentlemen and Gentleladies. It is time we showed them that PC is no longer an afterthough. That the time for miserable last minute ports is long past. We are the Master Race and we will not be neglected. So lend me your fingers because I really wanna play this game. ^_^...
  9. Z Power

    Witcher 3 - 30 times larger than Witcher 2! Holy Giant Watermelons Batman!
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  11. Z Power

    Mount & Blade II : Bannerlord Revealed

    OH SWEET BABY GRAPES IT IS FINALLY COMING!!! Although that was a pretty silly trailer. BUT IT IS COMING!
  12. Z Power

    Guild Wars 2

    I am sorry for making another thread, but all of Mkil's were too specific. Well, the main reason I made this thread is for this Video, besides having one place for all GW2 discussion. If that doesn't make you want to play...
  13. Z Power

    Path of Exile (Similar to Diablo Series)

    I wouldn't normally show interest in this genre, since I haven't played anything similar, but what the heck, there might be other people who enjoy it, especially since Diablo III isn't out yet. They will be doing Public Stress Testing on March 30 till...
  14. Z Power

    Resident Evil 6

    Just when I thought 2012 couldn't beat 2011, RE6 *read Leon* comes along to prove me wrong.! It seems RE6 will be 3 games in one. Leon's having a RE2-RE4 like vibe, being stranded in a city full of Zombies. Chris seems to...
  15. Z Power

    Ocean Marketing PR Fiasco Read from the 2nd Post onwards till the end. Its turning into a big thing at the moment. But hot damn.
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    50% Off Steam Coupon for Indie game Xotic

    Let me know if anyone wants it.
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    [Old PotW] Fireworks

  18. Z Power

    Rainbow 6 Patriots (MUST WATCH) My God...
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    [Old PotW] 3... 2... 1... DRAW!

    Draw your weapon vermin!
  20. Z Power

    Mirror's Edge of Reality And that, gents, was awesome.