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  1. Prozac

    Hunter x Hunter manga

    Yeah so, it started again. Go read it or somethin'
  2. Prozac

    Happy Birthday Greg!

    Happy birthday you weird Australian mediocre hosting guy! I hope you get to read this, because last I heard, you hopped straight on a plane, heading towards the states, so you could hunt down a guy called "Kurt" and can sue him with help from your FBI buddies! How is that little adventure...
  3. Prozac

    Submitting score

    There are a few games (generally from tower defense) that when you finish them, click submit your high score, you just get a little thingie that shows you the days ranking, with you in'm but you don't actually get transfered to the high score page here. For instance, control bieber is such a...
  4. Prozac

    Rick Santorum, fact free politician! How can someone just sit up there and casually tell such blatant lies. I wonder what kind of people actually vote for him.
  5. Prozac

    Weird awakening.

    So, this morning at about 5 am-ish, I woke from a nightmarish dream. (It was actually pretty cool. all dark and left 4 dead/dead island kinda setting.) As I woke up, rather abruptly I might add, I felt something I can't describe in another way then a static electric ring starting from the outer...
  6. Prozac

    Supernove in our backyard

    Grab your binoculars, we're heading back 21 milion years back in time to watch the death of a star! <-- LINK Hope you'll have a clear sky tonight/tomorrow
  7. Prozac

    HTC Sensation vs Samsung galaxy S2

    Yes, it's been two years already, and it's time for a new cellphone. My old HTC Touch pro 2 has served me great, but the rates of my current provider is far from optimal anymore. My two choices are the Sensation, from HTC and the Galaxy S2 from Samsung. Galaxy S2 Sensation The...
  8. Prozac

    General forum related question.

    This might be my imagination, but still, I'd like to it confirmed, or denied. When I first joined this forum things were pretty straightforward. Making a insultive, spammy or just plain useless thread/post got you a "warning" and/or possibly a close. These days it seems like post and...
  9. Prozac

    Mech.. mod?

    Apparently groovy has been busy, and ported mechmod from hl1 to real life. Those graphics look amazing. from: to: GJ team!
  10. Prozac

    Alice - Madness Returns

    It's been over 10 years since the gem American McGee's Alice was released. I'm sure most of the older members of the community has played this. The game was praised for it's dark twisted humor and splended visuals, truly a gem of it's time.. and...
  11. Prozac

    need a model to scam some guy XDDDDDDD

    hey esf team i know your super super busy but my scam which by the way is devoted to esf im a tester is on teh line and i needa vocaloid model if ima keep my scam cause my scammee sucks so please do this i will be for ever in yur debt.:love::rolleyes::shocked::smile: its oke if u want a part...
  12. Prozac

    Happy birthday UltraPerfectCell.

    Happy birthday Smith| Have a good one *insert random-barely-dressed-women.jpg here* Sorry I got lazy over the years. PS, don't you still have a fanfic unfinished
  13. Prozac

    Happy new year everyone!

    May your best moments of 2010, be the worst moments of 2011.
  14. Prozac

    Leslie Nielson passed away.

    When I saw this pop-up on the news site I really had an "awhh nooo" moment. As a child, I laughed so hard at his movies.. He'll be sourly missed and may he rest in peace. haven't found an English source yet.
  15. Prozac

    Hypocrisy (Rant :()

    Recently this thread was closed. Supposedly threads about drugs are not allowed. However, there is strangely nothing about this in the rules or AUP. The topic starter read an article which he found interesting, so he posted a link to the article here and possibly hoped to get a discussion...
  16. Prozac

    Hey Dameara!

    Is this you? You're not banned right now? right.
  17. Prozac

    Isaiah Mustafa (Windows 7 viral)

    This is like my favorite guy ever. Even more so after this video.. So smooth <3
  18. Prozac

    I freaking love this kid!
  19. Prozac

    Who's the tallest guy in the community?

    I'm like 1.83 cm tall, Which I guess is pretty average. So how tall are you? ps, keep those inches out of this thread. Only real measuring systems are allowed here. :p
  20. Prozac

    Happy Birthday Optimus Prime!

    Have a good one mate!