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  1. The Deco

    What happened to the chatbox?

  2. The Deco

    Star Wars Episode VII cast is now offical! Yes, the cast is now official, man I am curious what shit is gonna come down! They had their first table read yesterday on 1.5.14, GMT+2 time. The casting looks solid, but the fact that Disney is making it is a double...
  3. The Deco

    TypeRacer - Race each other with typing! I find it really fun, trying to break my own records. Basically the site gives you a quote of around 6-9 sentences from books, movies, TV etc.. you need to write them as fast as you can. You race other people, it shows progression of the race during the race itself...
  4. The Deco

    Injustice gods among us help

    I am currently buying for free (yes) Injustice gods among us. And before I start I need to know which order of characters should I play to have the story sorted out correctly (so it makes sense chronologically and I don't get all kind of missing pieces of story because I didn't play in the right...
  5. The Deco

    Broscars - The Oscars for Frat bros' Funniest shit ever FIGHT CLUB!
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    With the Arrow TV series being awesome and the new Flash TV series in production

    I seriosuly think there is no reason we won't have a Batman live action TV series. After what I am seeing in Arrow they can pull it off and I think doing guest stars in each other's shows (Batman in Arrow, Flash in Batman, Arrow in Flash and many other combinations) The fact that Batman is...
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    Jaw dropping RPGs

    So anyone of you has a RPG to recommend me (I prefer the PS1/SNES classics) . Basically I played Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and Xenogears.. GAMEPLAY DOESN"T MATTER. I only care about story, it is like a movie for me, nothing more. I am looking for complicated stories and jaw dropping...
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    Some tasting for the fans

    So I remember a suggestion back in the day, I think I talked to the almighty uber penis Grega about it. Why, once a week, when the ESF Beta testersrs play, they will just record a demo of their first 10 mins playing it. (no need to edit, 10 mins raw material) and upload it on youtube. Even...
  9. The Deco

    Replacing transformation aura

    So in normal esf 1.2.3 I got to replace the normal non-transformation turbo aura with the one like the 1.3 beta one. How I done it is by simply using the aura models of this pack Now I wanted to ask, is there...
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    Hlev's suggestion getting its own thread

    I seriously think this should be added later in a patch AFTER the game is released. It should be created for the LOLs and the ROFLs only, nothing more, nothing less. I think it should be a choice for the server admin if he wants to enable it or disable it. Basically, when it is enabled...
  11. The Deco

    Batman vs Penguin (with patton oswalt) - Collegehumor clip

    this is literally so funny i had to stop eating!
  12. The Deco

    can't see the AF server

    I can't see the AF server for a few hours now. I only have 1 thing to say
  13. The Deco

    Super smash bros. model pack

    I say we need a super smash bros model pack the moment 1.3 gets released. this should be the top priority, before working on the main game! opinions?
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    So I am currently at season 2 episode 3. I can't stop watch this show really, it is very rare I watch a show that isn't broadcasted by my cable company already. I like it very much - the themes, the different story telling, the references, the group dynamics, their diversity (mostly ages and...
  15. The Deco

    recommend ESF goku model

    im looking for a goku model for esf. My emphasis is basically beautiful animations (I hate the default animations of goku of advanced and basic melee the most) Also I want the character's graphics to be more soft.
  16. The Deco

    EA wants to hear what Star Wars games we want to play? We have a voice?! last paragraph I say, JUST SPAM JEDI KNIGHT!!!!!
  17. The Deco

    Star Wars Uncut

    Anyone heard of this? It is pretty old. Basically some guy started a project: He built a website where people created their own view of the scenes from Star Wars a new hope (For example: the trash compactor scene or the Death Star blow up scene being made by legos, cartoon, your own children...
  18. The Deco

    Sixto Rodriguez

    My brother long ago told me to watch the documentary about that guy, The search for Sugarman. Ill cut it short because some of you might want to watch the movie: Rodriguez released 2 commercial flop albums in the USA during the early 1970s, somehow a copy reached south africa and the guy...
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    JJ Abarams to Direct Star Wars VII Opinions? Never saw his movies.
  20. The Deco

    To the guitarists out there

    So ive got back to play on the guitar after a few years, got myself an acoustic this time to upgrade the sound. I am looking for fingerpicking songs to play (not all of the song) I started playing Babe im gonna leave you and its pretty hard and painful on the metal strings of the acoustic...