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    To the creators of ESF

    Sure, but that’s not going to help. This time, it was only a harmless script kiddie attack. Next time, it could be something more subtle, like drive-by exploits for the page’s visitors. Unless someone is going to update and maintain the CMS, this will happen. Obviously, that’s not something we...
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    To the creators of ESF

    Yeah, that’s not going to happen. I simply don’t have the time to keep another site up-to-date. So unless someone from the team feels he has enough time to maintain it, it won’t come back. At least not the same.
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    ESF 1.2.3 and Final Beta

    There is, though. It’s an announcement. vB only shows the latest title, but it’s still there.
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    ESF Hacked?

    You need to reset the password, not change it. Either follow the instructions provided in the mail or use the “Forgot password” option after logging out.
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    ESF Hacked?

    Yeah, we'll reset them later, when more security separation has been implemented.
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    ESF Hacked?

    Yes, some script kiddie used an exploit kit to attack outdated software. This is also why the main site will stay offline for now.
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    Question about steam server ESF

    Dual implies you're referring to two different protocols. Are these perhaps Steam and non-Steam? Because that is not going to happen.
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    Also, why is this thread still open.
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    Building a new desktop

    Well, no, certainly not. :D It's not that bad, but it's not terribly good either. Mostly, it's just the other shops via Amazon's Marketplace anyway. I usually put all my components into a wishlist at and use the site's function to determine the cheapest shop for all...
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    Building a new desktop

    I wouldn't recommend Western Digital's Green Series. If you're looking for a hard disk that is at least moderately fast, that is. Random access performance is really bad on these. I've had better experience with Seagate's 7200rpm disks. Also, are you sure about going Socket 2011? Upgradability...
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    #Request Name Change

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    An open letter to Namco Bandai: LET ESF IN!

    Certainly. But what would they be able to do about it once it's spread? C&D half the world?
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    An open letter to Namco Bandai: LET ESF IN!

    If you don't poke the copyright holders, they can pretend not to notice. Otherwise, well... you're just asking for it.
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    Admin or vip

    No. Also, how is this related in any way to ESF or Addons?
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    What anime are you watching?

    I read a few chapters of the Noragami manga but didn't like it at all. Even though the anime might be highly anticipated, rated and whatnot, I'll skip it. Watching atm: Buddy Complex Log Horizon Nisekoi (Shaft, yay) Space Dandy Strike the Blood Tokyo Ravens
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    Install Help

    Half-life has long since moved to the "common" folder.
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    if your powerlevel will be higher so the speed will faster ???

    Since a new map is a new match, everyone starts "the same". I don't think there's any type of persistence built-in, nor do I see the need for it.
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    Why cant i donwload ESF beta 1.2

    I assume you're referring to version 1.2.3, right? FileFront is not available in all countries. As such, you might receive some misleading errors on their page. I recommend using my torrents, see the announcements.
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    Half Life Running Dead Slow!

    Your graphics driver is not installed. You're currently using Windows' default drivers.
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    No Servers or Responses.

    This is in no way general advice. In fact, this won't work for just about anyone. I'm surprised it would for you. Network address translation is the main operation mode of consumer-grade internet gateway devices. It "hides" the entire internal network behind a single public IP(v4) address. This...