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  1. Cold Steel

    What's going on?

    Just as the title says. After I don't know how many years, I still check the website regularly, but the past year has not been a very active one in terms of publicity. No new potw, no videos or development articles on the main page. Even the forums are really quiet. Am I missing...
  2. Cold Steel

    Update: Punching dinsosaurs in the face.

    Creature AI is awesome. discuss.
  3. Cold Steel

    Hell yeah !

    After Alice in chains got back together, there was one band I would really like to reunite, and it's finally happening. Chris Cornell is shoving his solo bull**** aside and joins soundgarden once more. Here's more info...
  4. Cold Steel

    Remove the christmas theme.

    No really, remove it.
  5. Cold Steel

    wtf ? ESF Adware Fraud
  6. Cold Steel

    No fanfic, just a story.

    This is a story about the Norse mythology. I haven't been able to come up with a proper title as I've just written it. I hope you enjoy it. Criticism is always wanted ;D Chapter one: The Initiation. It was a cold night. Outside, a wind was carrying endless amounts of snow, roaring through...
  7. Cold Steel

    *spoilers* Helsing manga. Do not view if you do not read the manga !!

    I just blasted through the manga and I was slapped by the obviousness. If you reverse Alucard, you get Dracula. It was stated in one of the last chapters, and I never even saw it once myself.
  8. Cold Steel

    Yeah, I do art every once in a while :P

    Heavy wip and ****ty scanner. Post your comment or suggestions please :) It's futuristic character by the way. I'm thinking of adding cybernetic features.
  9. Cold Steel

    WoW: Flying mounts revealed They look pretty cool, allthough I'm sure you can only use them in outland >.>
  10. Cold Steel

    Fight me.

    I'm still looking for a fight. Will someone please accept my challenge ? I looking to earn a place in the fight club, and that won't happen by itself.
  11. Cold Steel

    Oh crap ;_;

    I've failed at one exam... and didn't graduate. Guess I'll have to visit school next year for just one class. :x Anyone else here who ****ed up ?
  12. Cold Steel

    Don't view this thread.

    Couldn't resist now could you. Anyhooter. I've been trying to make a nice Berserk signature but I really suck bollocks at the photoshop department, so as everyone else lately does, I'm making a request. Size: H 100 x W 400 I'd like Guts in it with shocking amounts of blood. Your name...
  13. Cold Steel


    Coldy's displacement mapping tutorial. Welcome to the displacement mapping tutorial. As most of you have noticed, ESF uses this technique on all of their maps now. Want to make maps like that to ?, then this is the place to learn it. First of all. You need Paint shop Pro (latest version if...
  14. Cold Steel

    Vampire the masquerade: Bloodlines.

    I have been playing this game for a few years now, and all I can say is wow.. However most people who have also been playing the game rarely agree with me. To me, this game is really under appreciated. It's THE vampire game to me. The story is good, gameplay is good too, except melee and...
  15. Cold Steel

    the new raid sets. What are your thoughts? Imo, everything except for the warrior set looks like it was taken from the power rangers...
  16. Cold Steel

    gaxed Lets see if you guys can come up with something funny ^^
  17. Cold Steel

    Jade Empire for pc.

    Years ago I was excited for JE to come out but because I was too ignorant to see the xbox tags I thought it came out for the pc.. When I found out it wasn't, I was dissapointed. However, now it has been announced that a port for the pc will be made. Who's going to get it? And was the xbox game...
  18. Cold Steel

    Coincedence ;p

    So currently I'm working as a tree inspector for the goverment and I made a very interesting photo which I had to share with all of you. It really made me laugh.
  19. Cold Steel

    Aww nuttz

    Happy birthday Nuttzy, have a good one.
  20. Cold Steel

    My thank you.

    Well, as ESF is as good as dead now, wether they will switch to new characters or not, I hereby resign. I've already arranged everything with team. I just wanted to share it with you guys as well. Thanks for your support and appreciation even though all you got to see was work in progress. I...