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    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    Good luck! I'm waiting since ESF1.1 and I will wait more! No problem :).
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    Struggle System - How do you think the 'ball' type attack struggles should work?

    Maybe it looks good on paper but it doesn't look good ingame. It's not good decision to block player. It would be cool in 1vs1 game when you have ball struggle (i.e. Goku's genki dama vs kid buu) but when you have 8 players on server?... In the middle of nowhere there is player who is in...
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    ESF Trailer Teaser

    I would prefer japanese voices but... nonetheless cool :D.
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    Why don't you just release it?

    Someone still thinks that community will finish the job... yeah sure :P
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    Question regarding transformations and buddy system

    Is this buddy system even working? I mean... gameplay wise is it somehow fun, enjoyable to play as Ginyu or Androids?
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    New info about the progression of the game ? (Can't wait !!!)

    Very unique question that was O_O
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    DBSource is dead?

    I thought it was dead for years :O since release...
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    I have got a couple of questions to ask you

    Every suggestion which ends with " in budokai tenkaichi" is... let's say not good :O
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    Dragon Ball Battle of Z....... fighting game with auto-aim - disqualification.
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    Battle of Z

    Here is first trailer: Doesn't look very promising :(. New DBZ game should be RPG. They used to do jRPGs on NES or SNES. Now all they can do is just boring fighting games :/ (except for B3...).
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    [Old PotW] New Nice Potw

    Does water react with the player/character? I.e when he recharges KI or something... ??
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    Earth's Special Forces 1.3 Leaked ?

    Do you even read this forum? There are like 2 topics already about this :P
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    Dear ESF community

    You should change your password to the server/svn or something like that... It's obviously too easy right now :/. Now every child on youtube says "give me link, link, link" :P how silly :P
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    Disscusion about ESF in Polish/Dyskusja na temat ESF'a po polsku

    Chyba nie myślisz, że ESF kiedykolwiek powstanie? :P To forum to taka ściema, nikt już tego moda nie robi fotek narobili 5 lat temu i teraz wrzucają...
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    About the aura animation

    Why in ESF there are two different auras - swoop and power up aura? I think it should be just one or maybe somehow make them change smoothly :P I.E when someone just after power up wants to swoop, then first aura should turn into second so it looks more smooth. Ok now after I've read myself...
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    [Old PotW] Cucumber.... Not that one.

    Whole screenshot is new! But in fact it's just picture of the week it doesn't have to show anything new...
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    Kotaku AU Article (More of a mention..)

    Two polish sites also have news about ESF:,107165,13256803,Niesamowity_miks_Half_Life_i_Dragon_Ball.html
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    ESF Final

    Nie ma żadnej daty kurwa ileż można tłumaczyć :O There is no release date and I hope he will understand now :/
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    Trailer Battle

    Everyone has ideas like this. But someone has to make video like this - that's the hardest part.
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    Releasing demo/beta would be the worst thing on earth! Imagine those masses of kids who don't know (just because they don't want to read) why something doesn't work or is not finished yet etc. The same thing happened with OpenBeta and I hope they won't make the same mistake one more time...