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  1. donnierisk

    Awesome new ESF site look!

    The website looks really insane, being a web designer myself I can imagine that this wasn't little effort to do I think it's awesome that you guys revamped it the way you did. Made me want to play ESF all over again. Well done!
  2. donnierisk

    Whatcha Packin, Big Dog? South African internet probably the most expensive and slowest in the world :/ But i'm good with bigger sig sizes, just not something like 10mb, I have a cap of 4GB a month >.<
  3. donnierisk

    Idle flying

    I see, so you're saying it won't look very smooth when floating around? I could imagine that you have to set some corners, but can't you get a way to slow it down before them so that the transition becomes smooth. I haven't animated in years so I cant quite remember the correct terminology.
  4. donnierisk

    Idle flying

    Hi everyone, haven't made a suggestion in years just had something small pop up in my mind. <tbody id="chats"> Why not make it that when you are idling in the air(flying but not moving) let the character swerve around instead of being totally static. A good real life example would be a...
  5. donnierisk

    The People are Losing the Interest for ESF

    I agree with my fellow South African Raeku. Some people truly don't have lives. If they want the game to come out so bad why don't they learn how to program or do 3D modelling and develop their own game in their spare time. 99.9% of mods have die out, but I honestly don't see this happening to...
  6. donnierisk

    Corrupt a Wish - The Inevitable Return

    Granted, but a huge corporate company chops down every single tree in the world to expand their business and the surviving ones die because of lack of oxygen. In turn humankind perishes as well... I wish that unicorns existed and they were friendly beings with the ability to communicate with...
  7. donnierisk

    Corrupt a Wish - The Inevitable Return

    Your house gets raided by the police and you can't present a receipt for a single item in your house, including your house so they arrest you for lack of evidence that you bought anything...that also includes your clothing. so you got to prison naked. I wish I was a werewolf.
  8. donnierisk

    How often do you wash/change your bedsheets, and how long is too long?

    Haven't washed my sheets in a whole semester...
  9. donnierisk

    Corrupt a Wish - The Inevitable Return

    Granted but you get turned into a vegetable, living in a wheelchair for the rest of your life not able to interact with anything. I wish I could jump as high as a scyscraper
  10. donnierisk

    Corrupt a Wish - The Inevitable Return

    You get all the money and then you realise that you are a jew and don't want to spend it on anything. I wish I had nightvision
  11. donnierisk

    Corrupt a Wish - The Inevitable Return

    Sub you made no wish? I wish I could breathe in space
  12. donnierisk

    Mr. Raeku! Dude how you doing? Was wondering if you ever get this message, you guys still play...

    Mr. Raeku! Dude how you doing? Was wondering if you ever get this message, you guys still play WoW? lol We need to start organising **** if we wanna pwn at esf 1.3 our internet is fast enough to play internationally compared to last time. How's the baby?
  13. donnierisk

    To those who skim clouds...

    Happy birthday mister Skyrider! Thanks for everything you've helped me with over the years (Well back in the day), may you get most hammered on such a fine day.
  14. donnierisk

    Best programming tutorials?

    I've been doing c++ for the past year at uni now. Quite a useful language to know, though it can be tedious sometimes. If you want to program, learn c++ before going over to java like dutchmeat said. Just to point this out, xml is a markup language, not the same as programming languages like...
  15. donnierisk

    The Zombie killing object thread!

    My new Linkin Park cd...oh noes just not that! I wouldn't be able to live with myself if that got destroyed -_-
  16. donnierisk

    Processor thermal trip

    Thanks i'll look into it. I'm taking it to a PC shop then I'll check what they do. I'd try myself, but I can't open my box I don't have a screwdriver or anything that can open it lol it sucks being in res. never have the tools you would at home... Thank you for the replies.
  17. donnierisk

    Processor thermal trip

    Hi guys. In the beginning of the year I bought myself a new computer, well each part seperately and my computer was working quite fine. I had a few problems though, I haven't built a pc in years so it is possible that I didn't do it 100% correctly. Everytime I disconnect the power from my...
  18. donnierisk

    So I Watched Football Today

    I live in South Africa and I was at the USA vs. Slovania game. I was surprised to see that probably about half of the stadium was filled with Americans, didn't know that they had such a great deal of interest in it. I ended up cheering for USA because the Americans next to us threatened us in...
  19. donnierisk

    continuous beep on motherboard

    yeah I checked with other temperature reading programs and the CPU ranges between 40 and 50, so does the gpu, maxing at around 56.
  20. donnierisk

    continuous beep on motherboard

    Sorry for taking so long been having exams, didn't have my pc with me. I downloaded speedFan and got all the specs, here's an image: I don't get some of those temperatures they just don't make sense. My cpu temperature goes haywire from -80 to 80 to 127 degrees celsius, something must be wrong...