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    Bruce? Brucee? BRUCCCCCCCCCCEE Batman spoilers

    Newest Batman Bruce Wayne is murdered. Apparently this is legit and Nightwing or Tim Drake will take over the batman mantle. This is ridiculous i'm in mourning they can't do it, the only people in comics who're suppose to stay dead are Bucky, Jason and Uncle Ben... i don't get it. Why bruce...
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    Fatality... seems like the new trend. Commit a crime blame a game.Video games have become the new heavy metal.
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    Time for a new one

    I have no idea and i've been using this amazing sig synth made for me for a while and i feel now it's time for a change. I was wondering if someone wanted to make me a nice simple one with [S] in it pretty much anywhere. I'll update later if i can narrow it down but for now i'm looking for...
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    PS3 vs XBOX360

    This thread is simple i want people to list pros and cons for each system individually and which one they think is best and which one they would pick if they could only choose one. p.s the ability to mod your xbox to play burnt games is a pro not a con p.p.s the wii was left out of this...
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    Shutup Stupid (Happy Bday Opti)

    Happy Birthday to the greatest mod on these forums Opti have a great birthday <3 p.s : Wonderland august 15th
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    Just saw this and was wondering why no one made it so Happy Birthday.
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    Ortiz vs Shamrock

    Somebody should have seen this fight please tell me someone saw this fight.
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    With university starting i'm currently in the search for a laptop i want a good laptop also it should be affordable i don't intend on doing anything myself so i want a packaged one which will NOT be for gaming i have my desktop for that this is just to watch movies and for school stuff. I REPEAT...
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    Schools out

    Time for me to get into fight club for real. No distractions no nothing i want to have a proper fight one that actually has an ending none of this stop posting after one round stuff so any takers?
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    My moniter is being weird i turn my cpu on and the computer screen doesnt go on all that happens is my moniter light keeps blinking nothing else. any help would be appreciated.
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    Another rare chance

    Yes for all of those that remember it's back. For those who don't this thread is a thread to "to tell the moderation staff what you think about them , How well or how bad they are doing their job and Also any comments on how we could improve" Now obviously with a thread like this we will...
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    Sleep time is over

    Seeing as everyone is coming back and i have a few days before my school begins i belive now would be the perfect time to post my "Out of retierment" fight ps : I want a seious venue/match. pps : I will also shortly be going through some character updates.
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    OP You're finally 20 go out have a great time and get WASTED with teh girl xD Happy Birthday my canadian snow boarding poutine eating bro.
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    Dpred it's your birthday :o

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DPREDATOR Have a great day doing nothing ;) .
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    Open new challenge

    Open challenge to someone relativley new to fightclub only whoever accepts can you post first.
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    Canadian Online video game rentals

    This is a question to most of the canadians out there. Do you know any good online game rental sites. I tried gamefly and it was only US. Any help would be appreciated.
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    PS2 vs X-box

    Seeing as the title explains itself i just need to add a few more things to it. If i wanted to buy a ps2 or X-box which one should i buy and please list reasons why you pick one over the other and no "i like xbox because its in the shape of X" type comments.
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    Need a SIG

    Could anyone make a plain black signiture or soemthing. and in bold red or something could it just say <U|G> only that any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thnx :laff:
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    Can someone make me a sig?

    Ya the name says it all just wondering something with goku vegeta,vegetto or mystic gohan any of them will do fine Thnx