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  1. Killface

    I've returned

    What's been up everyone? Been a few years since I've signed on. Anyone even remember me?
  2. Killface


    Who wants to be in my presidential cabinet? I've been thinking about it... and I need members. Post what you'd like to be in, and I'll consider it. I need: Chief of Staff Secretary of State Treasurer Ambassador Secretary of Defense Attorney General And possibly more? Deman...
  3. Killface

    "See what Murder feels like",2933,575590,00.html 15 Year old girl kills her 9 year old neighbor to "see what murder feels like". Then the judicial system decides it's fair to let her out at the age of 21. That seems to me that it's a bit too unfair....
  4. Killface


    So.. that whole cigarette thread got me thinking. It seems to me that the majority of the forum users use marijuana recreationally... (or some other drugs also?) Which is cool and all. I'm personally against weed, but that's besides the point. To all you marijuana users. Any interesting stories...
  5. Killface


    Stupid ****ing piece of ****ing **** **** you facebook suck my **** ********************. Okay.. so is anyone else having problems with it? Or is it just me? Seriously, I have about 9 days worth of built up rage because this damn website isn't working for a select few people. I'm one of them.
  6. Killface

    Happy Belated birthday!

    To me... :(
  7. Killface

    Doppler Radar + GPS?

    I know this is kind of an unorthodox question, but I was looking for a cheap GPS system for my car that has Doppler Radar capability. The cheapest I've found so far was a $399 Garmin Nuvi 755. I dont know much about GPS' or anything of the sort, so could anyone help point me in a...
  8. Killface

    Massive Drug Bust in Netherlands = Epic Fail. Straight from sidecarsally. Comments?
  9. Killface


    I'm leaving for the US Air Force in March for Special Forces. Anyone else here in the military? Besides Zeo... :P
  10. Killface

    Annoying pop ups

    My uncle keeps getting these popups out of nowhere telling him "Windows has found some registry issues and viruses. If you want to fix this, go to "" and purchase the anti-virus program" *I seriously forgot the name of the website haha* I know it's a...
  11. Killface

    Conquest System

    I wanna kick ass... but it wont let me! What happened?
  12. Killface

    Ducks LIKE water? My whole life is a lie!
  13. Killface

    Terminator Salvation

    I'm kinda surprised nobody's said anything about this yet. Personally, I thought Christian Bale performance wasn't up to par with what it was expected to be. Sam Worthington was a total badass though. My favorite next to T2.
  14. Killface

    Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Any thoughts on it? I'm making the assumption (along with 80% of everyone else) that it's gonna be a carbon copy of last year's Finals between the Wings and the Penguins. And yes, I'm also making the same assumption as nearly everyone else that the Wings are gonna retain the cup. ;]
  15. Killface

    Do you hate the "obamanation"?

    Just wondering if you think Barack Obama will benefit or hurt (imo, destroy) our country. A simple "Yes" or "No" will suffice... no need for political arguments.
  16. Killface


    I'm trying to edit some information in the program files for Empire Earth 2 (change the names of units) The only way i can do this is through editing the file in spreadsheet, which im able to do. The problem is that it needs to be re-saved as a DDF file. Spreadsheet can't do that. So...
  17. Killface

    It's a mad world Kain... =P

    Yea im watching your piano recital lol Happy birthday bro.
  18. Killface

    I guess i have groupies...

    Yep. Woke up today at around 2 pm... and my friends called me and asked if I wanted to go up to the high school to go weight lifting. Like always, i said yes, and we met up there at 4. About 45 minutes later we were walking out of the weight room, and to my surprise, i find some "vandalism" all...
  19. Killface

    Russia defeats the Missile Shield?

    I know its a bit old, but i just heard about it on TV... i dunno why so late, but nonetheless, its on TV.
  20. Killface

    Is my computer finally dying?

    As of lately... whenever i power on my computer, it takes around 45 minutes to boot up (thats not an exadderation... its seriously 45 minutes). It just sits at the windows loading screen and "loads" for an abnormally long time. The actual Operating System runs fine, its quick with loading...