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  1. EvolutionX

    GeForce GTS450

    Hi guys... I'm planing to buy GeForce GTS450... but I don't know which one... the GeForce GTS450 1024 MB GDDR5, or GeForce GTS450 2048 MB DDR3. I've searched Google and I haven't found something about GTS450 2048 MB. All I know is that GTS450 1024 MB GDDR5 (1804 MHz Memory Clock) is faster than...
  2. EvolutionX

    Cry of Fear Release Date Announced !

    The official facebook page of Cry of Fear had gathered 5000+ Likes,so the team of Cry of Fear has unlocked the release date. It's 22/02/2012 Original thread
  3. EvolutionX

    ECX Again

    Hey guys. It's been a long time since i post in Help & Support xD I'm back on ECX, but the bots don't gave me dammage. My friend's ECX, the bots can give dammage, and the only difference is... he has installed ESF 1.2.3b + EVM + ECX. So the question is "Which files i need to update in ESF...
  4. EvolutionX

    nVidia Drivers

    Hi guys. I want to install the latest Drivers from nVidia... so when i download the driver, first i need to remove the installed one, or to just install to the another one? Thanks in forward ;)
  5. EvolutionX

    Amx Mod X

    Hey guys... What is with Amx Mod X Page? Anyone knows? TNX in Forward! ;)
  6. EvolutionX

    EvoX Arts

    Hi guys :D I just started some arts in PS CS5 and what do you think for a begginer? :rolleyes: 1# 2# 3# :scared:
  7. EvolutionX

    Something New x)

    Hey guys. What do you think about my Signature. I just edited a low quality Dragon Ball Z and it looks like this one, and this is the first signature i have made my self. ;) So i want to have your mind... :cool:
  8. EvolutionX

    HBD To me x)

    Hey guys, today is my Birthday, I'm almost a year on this forum and i hope i'll be much longer ;) :D
  9. EvolutionX

    Power Level?!

    Hey guys. It just come in my mind to me a nice suggestion. In ESF 1.2.x when you get killed, your PL is growing or decreasing. So i have a suggestion for ESF:F, when a Saiyan is get killed, after that his powerlevel is higher, but when other person is killed "Like Buu, Krillin" the powerlevel is...
  10. EvolutionX

    Marth 15-th The End of Facebook

    So guys?! Are you planing to do some other works except facebook? Jesus Christ!! ;(
  11. EvolutionX

    Steam Again

    hey guys. I have a manu problems with Steam. Now when i start some game it give me an error message "Unable to initalize Steam". What should i do? I have reinstaled the Steam but it gaves me the same ERROR! :cry: :s
  12. EvolutionX

    Saiyan Survive in Space

    Hey guys. I just wondering how can not Saiyan survive in Space?! In the Dragon Ball Z Movie "Bardock the Father of Goku", Bardock goes in Space when he fight with Frieza. So why Goku "Super Saiyan" in the Namek Saga can not survive in Space? :cool:
  13. EvolutionX

    Quick Launch

    Hey guys. I don't know what happened to me but for some reason i delete "Application Data" folder in C:/Documents and Setings/Administrator, so now i don't have the Quick Launch Toolbar. When i activate it, it says "Cannot Create Toolbar". I saw somethink on Microsoft Website but id didn't work...
  14. EvolutionX

    Funny Suggest

    Hi guys. I have a very funny suggestion. So I just want "Flying Nimbus" :D You can fly with this with a lower speed, but it doesn't take KI. So what did you think?! :D It could be fun and it will look more like Dragon Ball Z... :smile: :laff:
  15. EvolutionX

    WTF?! Happened?!

    Hey guys. I was logged in in my steam acc. Somehow i log out and it give me a message: This account is logged in in somewhere else, please re-enter your password to log in on this Computer (or something like this). No one knows my steam acc or pass... so can be an error? :S Thanks in...
  16. EvolutionX

    Trans Aura

    Hey guys, where can i find Crossroads or Xroads Program to make mdl files in to wrl. I need for transformation aura. Can someone give me link or help me in another way?! Thanks in forward ;)
  17. EvolutionX

    PS CS5 Help

    Hey guys :D I have a problem with PhotoShop CS5 Extended :( I write with 72 font size, and it looks like 1 :P :( Can someone help me?!
  18. EvolutionX

    Generic Beam Help

    Hey guys, i need a litle help with ECX CCI. I made a charackter, but the Generic Beam is green, how can i change it in blue or red? Which file I need to code? and Can someone give me the code? (If you want the code for blue and red Generic Beam) :/ Thanks in forward :-)
  19. EvolutionX

    Slow PC

    Hi guys. I want to ask about litle help with my pc. Well my pc is a litle slow, somebody recommend me Disc Defragment (what is this? this will clear the hard disk or what), and somebody has recommend me to reinstal my OS (but that is too much).. So how can i use Disc Defragment if its for slow...
  20. EvolutionX


    Hey guys... i want to ask something (Question for esf team).. so ESF Team, can you make one PoTW with krillin, i just want to see him in final version :D Thank you in forward :-)