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  1. Denz

    nice 3d game
  2. Denz


    Check this out
  3. Denz

    What was your first personal computer?

    Now if I don't count Commodore 64, my first one was PC 386/486 if I remember good. It had DOS and few games on it, I even knew commands and what not to hacks in it to play them, now that knowledge faded away.. What about you? Share your history!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Denz

    What footwear do you ..wear?

    Post pix I basically wear only skate shoes, they are built to last and these are the ones I have now :O
  5. Denz

    New superhero movies

    New Superman and the new Spiderman remake we all saw your thoughts ?
  6. Denz

    AISNFOINWAIOFWF!!!!!!!!!! ! Nice huh ! If there is no apocalipse this year, might as well expect some cool stuff in the future.
  7. Denz

    want one

    They need to sell this to Black Mesa so they put flash and face detection in it, and then we all run
  8. Denz

    Big Dog

  9. Denz

    RAGE - WTFHMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!1

    This game is probably the best looking game atm, I can't believe (from an 3d artist point of view) at what I see, only those levels apart are ******* awesome. Now I didn't really search for what and how it works in game, but I'm sure to say that I will play this mofo...
  10. Denz

    COD MW333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 ! GO GO [email protected]
  11. Denz

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday to Anthony Bivens, i just saw that his bday is today, I'm so happy for him!!! also dont forget this guys: ‎SSJ-EL, +POO+Ayame{K}, SSJ3MajinGoku, sg552, Mazitku, OutLawDanger, ExceededGoku, Nigthmare, [email protected], ‎trunkssj6, Cell Soldier, Ranma, XodishoX, Fideru ‎and Maestro...
  12. Denz

    PROTOTYPE II *****! should be pretty fun, the first one was pretty fun, little monotone but fun! thoughts?
  13. Denz

    Phone you own..

    post a pic of your phone booooooooiiiiiiiiiiii ive got Nokia N95 8gb, and i hate it from the day i bought it..
  14. Denz

    the coolest guy.. ever.

    need some feedback here, cant work on it anymore without it. also spit some ideas or show me how to do the hair.. Ive tried with alpha but didnt like how it looked like how I did it.
  15. Denz

    superman cave

    <object width="464" height="295" id="1676749" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" alt="Magnificent Crystal Cave Formations Funny Videos"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowScriptAccess"...
  16. Denz

    Roasted chestnuts

    I just ate a bunch-o-roasted chestnuts. Awesome! how about you? Ever tried those?
  17. Denz

    ESF modeling competition, Battle scene - Denz

    Im making a scene out of KYnetiks internet game, you can find it here wip character model 1500 poly's atm
  18. Denz


    this thing is awesome if you have nerves to waste at some points, but the at the end you can ask yourself, for what the hell have I lost my quality time with my gf. you can see there are lots of things you can build with paper, find your fav char or...
  19. Denz

    Cell form 2 beech

    haven't shown or worked in a while now have I? here's a little something to bring ol' DBZ back in the game the model it self weights 1790 poly's, dont mind the head and arms they are placeholders, will add more details to them later on.. Ive been mostly concentrating on them legs and...