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    How's everyone been? It's been a while, ESF.
  2. DiebytheSword

    So, who wants to help Sword unlock goodies for Mass Effect 3? (requires facebook)

    Anyone interested in helping me unlock Mulitplayer items in Mass Effect 3? I need you to like the Mass Effect 2 page on facebook and then freind me. After that I send you a request, all you have to do after that is play the Mass Effect 3 demo and link your origin account to facebook. If...
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    Mass Effect 3 and how your Shep prepared to meet the Reapers.

    So, I've been frequenting BSN, and see miles and miles of lovely debate on the pros and cons of doing things certain ways. I'm curious how you, ESFer, have prepared to meet the Reaper threat for ME3. As a full disclosure, I have the entire leaked game script as of early to mid fall, and...
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    Mass Effect 3 co-op mode, who's gonna help me help Shep? *SPOILERS* This is going to be sweet. I had the game pre-ordered before the news dropped, but I'm definately going to rock the co-op to The Reapers will know fear. I'll be rocking ME3 on the PC.
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    Lead singer of Warrant found dead.

    RIP Jani Lane.
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    Son of the Sword

    8 lbs 8.2 ozs, 18 inches long. Say hello to Marcus Gregory
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    Oh, the damages! Little known fact: the hapless blonde may have been Avenger.
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    Signature limits or lack thereof

    Good evening ESF. We are at an impasse once again and require your help. We removed most sig limitations on filesize and kept content based rules in place hoping that you would behave. One or two of you are already pushng the boundaries of reasonable. To that end, we want to know what...
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    So, who'd be interested in hearing me sing on Rock Band?

    Before I invest a ton of energy into doing things the right way here, who would be interested in me posting Rock Band videos in which I sing the **** out of some rock? If there is enough interest, I'll post the vid's to Youtube and link them here. This would require me reinstalling my HD...
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    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to you few who are!
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    The State of the ESF Forums

    Its been a while, ESF, since you and I talked. So here it is. We have not been doing the best job we possibly can policing the board. That's not to say we aren't being Nazi enough, or that we're being too Nazi. No, we're not here enough to be either. That's something that has to be fixed...
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    Nominate a moderator!

    Let it begin, discuss any moderators you would like to see helping to enforce the rules at ESF. You may not nominate yourself. The admins will have the final say in who gets moderator status, if any of you do. All candidates will be thoroughly vetted and announced prior to promotion.
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    Rest in Peace Randy "Macho Man" Savage Thanks for all the good memories and the Slim Jims . . . OH YEAH!
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    So, there's a second bun in the oven.

    We're expecting a second child in August, finding out the gender next week. Life is good!
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    So, Papa Cuc is going to upgrade the old rig.

    Alright guys, here's what I'm going for. New case, old one cramped and ratty: COOLER MASTER Storm Scout SGC-2000-KKN1-GP Black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case New Mobo (A note here, I'm aware i7's are still...
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    Roshi's Sock Drawer, aka, the over 18 years old club. Lets talk.

    Alright. Here's the deal, we've talked with the host, and we have two hard fast no-no's that cannot be posted on Gamer's Desire. Drug talk and outright porn (naked solo counts) can't be posted regardless of the age of the group viewing it. So what I need from those who want this to happen...
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    Rock Band 3

    Anyone else grabbing this pile of awesome tonight? I'll be hitting up Gamestop after work, then install, import, and rock till dawn. If you get it, and you have a 360 I wouldn't mind some company. Message me on XBL if you have my gamertag. If not: MeDiebytheSword
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    So, who missed me while I was dealing with real life?

    Checking in, having time to do stuff again is nice. I might stay a while. Also I did not forget I have an unfinished fight club round. I'll try and hammer that out this week while I'm on vacation. But that's enough about me, what's been going on with all of you?
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    So, who still wants anything to do with the fight club?

    I have some questions for the people who are still interested in being active here. Who still wants to referee? Who still wants to compete here? What shall we do about the vacant championship(s)? I would like to do a championship tournement, but the failure of the Royal Rumble shows...
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    the End of the ESF Forums (Comments)

    Well, I've decided to finish this up from my remaining notes. Hopefully I can get in contact with Smith and see if he's still interested. I'll be posting what was archived in order in a separate thread which was stickied.