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    Well, hopefully this wont see me banned, but here's a couple of oil paintings I've done recently. I might add a couple more I've done when I get time, but these are all i have that are web ready to put on here. Let me know if you think the images look too bright, on my desktop they look really...
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    Long time no...see?

    You miss me? I'm sure you didn't! How is this place thesedays? I see familiar faces and development is strong! Have I missed much? btw, I cant get into my old account, some reason it wont send the password recovery email -_-'
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    Darksiders: Wrath of War

    I cant believe there isn't a topic about this game yet, so I'll start it I got this game on saturday and havent really been able to put it down much since. I absolutely love the artwork in this game, while I think the main character isn't exactly coloured correctly (in comparison to the...
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    alternate ps3 pads?

    I love my ps3, but i must say, I prefer the Xbox pad. Main problem with playstation pads I have is the thumbsticks are slippy and the triggers.... aren't really triggers. as well as it being a touch too small. I'm just wondering if anyone has come across any alternatives? I'm thinking of getting...
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    VICTORY FOR THE UK POP CHARTS O/ I did my bit o/
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    So tempted to...

    get a ps3... I'm really finding it hard not buying one. Anyone wanna throw in their thoughts on the console, I'd hate to make an uninformed decision :x
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    To the guitarists out there

    So I'm playing the guitar quite a bit thesedays, I used to play from the ages of 8-13 and I got pretty decent, then stopped until now (22) been playing for like 4-5 months now, and I'm getting to the point where I can play most things if I have the tab for them and spend quite a few hours...
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    Something for the older generation.. I remember being very young and my brothers playing on a commodore 64, also, we had a ZX81 though it was rarely used. But anyway, saw it, and thought maybe some of the older generation here could relate ;p
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    Like the news? Like politics? how much do you agree with this: Admittedly, it's got a lot of British references, but I think it might apply to other countries news coverage, but who knows. Just wanted to see how ya'll found this film. Oh yeah...
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    Macbook Pro... hmm?

    Well, im considering getting one, it'd be my "digital" sketchbook as it were. I'm just wondering if anyone has much experience with them? and if anyone knows how much a knockon effect a wacom has on the battery life?
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    Diablo 3 - Monk Class

    Prolly old news to some of you but i just came across it, and wow... monk is definitely one of my favs already ^^ Both the gameplay and the cinematic trailers kick ass.... I love unarmed combat guys, and this guy seems perfect so far...
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    Lazy Damaera

    There's an update coming you don't wanna miss, the more you complain the less lazy Dam will be. So get to it!
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    Happeh Birfday Lith

    Happy birthday man! 18 ftw o/
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    Happy Birthday Mkilbride

    Ya seem pretty active round here lately, so what the hell! Happy birthday, hope its a good one D: have some strange cake:
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    Just Bing it

    I dunno if any of you have heard about it yet, but Microsoft have launched a new search engine to try to rival google, they claim it is more accurate and allows more options than google. I'm somewhat skeptical, I think google is still better for conventional searches, but the...
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    Rock Band - Beatles :O I just hope the track list is good, more later stuff than earlier, but who knows. Heh, I used to be able to play most of the songs that are on there on a real guitar D:
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    I've got quite a bit of dust building up in my tower, Is it safe to just hoover it out with a vacuum? With a correct attachment obviously :x
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    Dominance war 4 - Skiwan

    I is working on my Dominance war entary. I R going to see if I can makez a steed too D:
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    Dawn of war II

    I'm surprised nobody made this thread yet. Despite being a bit dubious about it when I first played it, I'm actually loving this game now, especially the multiplayer. The single player is great, apart from the terrible story and talking heads, and the lack of variety in missions (most are just...
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    Dominance war mini challenge thing

    Not gonna win any prizes with it, but was fun regardless