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    Today we have been blessed by some pure ownage.

    Welcome back, just found myself ending up here too! D:
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    Happy Birthday Baaaaaaajjjjjjjaaaaaaaaaa!

    happy birthday... and yes, 30 is a scary number D:
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    Long time no...see?

    I'm back again :P no seriously, im sticking around, might not reply much but I'm here! --- edit --- I'm back again :P no seriously, im sticking around, might not reply much but I'm here!
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    The stigma of HL verification and why it's not a good idea.

    I think it may have been a valid issue back in the day where 20 people joined and ask the same questions a day, probably wasn't the best solution. It just isn't valid anymore though, shouldn't more emphasis be placed on welcoming people to the comunity instead of providing obstacles?
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    Asteroid 2012 DA14 Discussion

    the video here is amazing:
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    Long time no...see?

    Its not in there Grega, I looked in there first :( if you could merge the two I'd be really grateful! Thanks for the warm reception, feels like I never left! I do wanna come back and contribute where I can, so watch this space! Shame you got banned for that Sub, long ago there was a **** tank...
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    I wouldn't expect anything less :P Yeah the giraffe is outta proportion haha, I was more unhappy with the trees than anything else! The whole head area sucks imo, doesn't look like much of a Giraffe. The hands probably look like claws because I painted these on really small canvas's most of...
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    Well, hopefully this wont see me banned, but here's a couple of oil paintings I've done recently. I might add a couple more I've done when I get time, but these are all i have that are web ready to put on here. Let me know if you think the images look too bright, on my desktop they look really...
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    Long time no...see?

    I intend to, it's good to see you guys are still here, tbh i was scared this place might be a graveyard! And yes unfortunately I do use the old Msn email, too lazy to get a new one! Is it still against the rules to post nudity in the artwork section? I would like to show some new stuff but I'm...
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    Long time no...see?

    You miss me? I'm sure you didn't! How is this place thesedays? I see familiar faces and development is strong! Have I missed much? btw, I cant get into my old account, some reason it wont send the password recovery email -_-'
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    Getting a DUI without driving is awesome.

    Over here you're only breaking the law if you have the keys in the ignition or the engine on, and you're either in the drivers seat or only person in the car, since it shows you may intend to drive. If the police can't prove that you intended to drive the car you can't be prosecuted.
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    The Zombie killing object thread!

    An ashtray... at least its made of glass, got some weight to it!
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    [Old PotW] POTW - 9/19/10

    There's nothing wrong with the design of this hud, just the execution is a bit poor, the layer effects could be a lot better and you can see pixelated edges... I quite like the arangement though, but seems a tad tenkaichi-esque... Im not a fan of my old hud anymore to be honest its a bit crowded...
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    Gief I will love you <3
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    Fox News - Court rules in favor of - It's ok to lie

    I'll just leave this here...
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    I'm better than everybody

    Haha, social manipulation, good luck making any genuine friends with that...
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    American Children Are Fat

    They're both very right wing and both probably trying to say that labour have been waisting a lot of money trying to tackle the issue and getting nowhere over the past 13 years. Doesn't mean I would discredit the figures though, they sound like they could be right. But fear not, with VAT...
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    progressive damage

    Well currently models require a single texture, and yes you certainly can edit them to support asymetrical details. However you will only lose quality of the overall texture due to the fact that it requires much more texture space, in effect it makes the texture resolution lower, which makes it...
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    progressive damage

    Aye you would, overlapping UVs = no asymetrical details. Plus I personally think 95% of all texture only battle damage looks like ass.
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    Could Majin Vegeta Ascend to SSJ3?

    If he actually was an animator on dbz, you can't really argue his english skills make his story any less believable, since he'd be from japan and english would not be his first language... Jus' saying