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    Heeeee'sa cookina somethin!

    so anyway, me, dave, and muff are working on a project. here's what i've been working on, it's almost done. need to model/texture the hair. put some wear and tear on the armour, and finish texturing in general.
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    watched his inageuration speech. i'm behind him.
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    Linux =o (help)

    so i've got my new rig built, but i'm kinda thinking of experimenting with it. i've installed OSX on one of the hard drives for audio recording. for my other hard drive, i'm debating switching from windows to linux. i've heard great things about the stability and niceness of linux in...
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    LOOK AT TEH PUPPIES!!! so ****ing cute!!!
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    better than dragonforce? i ****ing agree. apparently they were around way before dragonforce. reasons i like them more, there's less senseless widdling (although there's some). and more awesome rythm instead. plus the "call and response" solo style that they use, works much...
  6. J

    WAR is everywhere o/

    post your WAR characters nubs D: this is Oromis, my only character atm. lvl 12 swordmaster of filthy.
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    Back in action baby, woo!

    Topic = why our old spam thread failed. your answer must be at least 5 words long, and contain a euphamism.
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    Happy birthday Vegetas Briefs!!

    for all who remember how gnarly you are. may your memory live forever.
  9. J

    digital paintings

    so anyway, i'm not normally one for "settling down", but i've recently gotten seriously involved with a girl. and she told me to paint her (read: she TOLD me to... -_-). so i did. i'm also not normally one for painting...
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    who is the best band in the world?

    and why? basically, post an example of who you believe is the best band in the world, and your reasons why. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
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    The very cornerstone of british comedy...

    so anyway, i've come to the conclusion that americans are missing out, on the genius that is Nevermind The Buzz****s. a comedy show with two teams, each team captain is a famous comedian who appears regularly, and each team has a different musician/tv host. each show is split into 4...
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    USB bandwith

    so anyway, this is the first time i've come across this problem. the 4 onboard USB slots on my machine will only let me have one or two things plugged in at once, before it screams that it's running out of bandwith. i have: a microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse, that it reckons is chomping...
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    new Slipknot and Metallica musacs

    so anyway, with Metallicas final studio album almost ready, i'm pretty excited about it. the producer who's recording with them has turned just about everything he's touched to gold, and with a statement from Lars that the "new sound" is somewhere between Ride the Lightning, and Puppets, it...
  14. J

    Annual Update :o

    i think it was around this time last year i posted a picture of the niece i was helping raise? anyway, she's back with her natural mother (my sister) now, and happy as could possible be :) ALL HEIL YOUR FUTURE RULER D:
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    YTMND thread!!!

    edited who's next?!
  16. J

    the almighty spam thread

    because i ****ing said so, YWAAAAAR!!
  17. J

    it's a model... but not a digital one.

    haven't painted anything for about 3 years, bit rusty, but i won the local competition after a month of practice =] let me know what you think! the two elves are still wip
  18. J

    WWE more of a joke than ever.

    ok, so i always used to be a fan, and i've always enjoyed watching. lately i've been limited to waiting for a while, then watchinga whole backlog of raw, and smackdown, all in one go. what i just witnessed, puts me off the WWE forever. john cena, doing whatever his finisher is called...
  19. J

    Devil May Cry 4

    game is pimp, dante is a badass, and i love Nero as a character (especially when you click about his arm etc....) try to leave this spoiler free for now as i haven't finished the game yet, but discuss anyway.