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    Soccer Player Model and Texture

    Finally got something to post, after slacking off and WoWing :rolleyes: Model is for a HL2 mod, and is currently a little over 3k polies. The model itself is accualy made by Broli, I just created the texture. C&C on the model and skin is appreciated.. and needed. :] EDIT: new shot below
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    Dragon Ball : Last Bout.... Goku

    heres the battle damaged non ssj goku for dragon ball last bout mod ( if anyone is interested) tell me whatcha think, after this there will be ssj version then non battle damaged versions ill post them here too... and if u cant read the pic, skin by me, model by gjohn or aka [J]...
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    Suprise! kina.. ssj2 gohan skinned !

    im really realy sorryfor the delays so i did it all yesterday, tell me what u think, sry for the bad quality pic
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    The Legend of Megman...Vile

    this is for a total ESF conversion.. its based of the jap. series(also there is english episodes) and the games not the crappy us cartoon, anways heres the first model..vile Zero will be done very soon old pic i did the skin and mode but general drew did the head model. those are esf...
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    its a me mario!

    credits to j for the gloves, and special thanks to crackerjack for the head model!!! a luigi will follow very soon... j is making one 10X better so his will probably replace this one..
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    Making sub-models

    how do you make a sub model like they did with trunks in 1.1?
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    new sounds, animations and charge

    earlier during the beta 1.1 preview they said they did not get to show the new sounds and animations, and then durning the preview trunks had a new charge. my question is: are they still adding these things in 1.1?
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    My first poly by poly model

    i had a good ref pic to help me out. this is my first poly by poly tell me whatcha think this will be gotenks body and im also redoing it to make it for kid buu its not done its about 80 percent complete
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    Who wants Bomberman?

    Ok I got a little bored so i made a bomberman here he is should i put him into esf with sprites and sounds etc...? YOU decide
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    Pikkon-Remodel and Reskin for ESF 1.1

    I havent compiled it im waiting for 1.1, its almost done i just gotta fix the rope to make it look more like pikkons and the chest a make it sharper and eyes heres a render if you cant see it copy and paste UPDATE new pic I changed a...
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    Bojack trunks skin WIP-Sayian Crusades(hopefully)

    heres a skin Ive been working on, ive done 100 percent of it skinmap, everything.The model is mistery X's, heres a pic if you cant see it copy and paste Im about 30-40 percent done. i have to edit the jacket a lot, texture the hair...
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    Devil now adding porno to his list...

    i just played with him and he must had added 10 spray paints of porn on a server. there are younger kids playing this is bad for them heh, i have a picture of him playing and porn.
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    Flat beams

    why are the adding this in 1.1 it looks REALLY Stupid, if they add this im quitting esf, its really really really ugly and wierd. :S
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    Scriptor needed

    i have found a way to do something you would never think of, acsend beyond ssj, and no coding involved. ive tested it. it works. All i need is a scriptor (hopefully mr satan will read this) and then is can be released to everyone
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    New potw!

    im ready to upgrade!!! :yes:' maybe this week? :hopes:
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    Trunks vs. robo freeza

    somebody should make a map where trunks fights robo freeza at his spaceship make it so you could go inside the ship, that would be awesome is somebody could!
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    Woah look at the scouter on the new scatterbeam pic!

    look at the scouter, it says mixed mode. thats something new :yes:
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    USSJ Pack

    EDIT RELEASED!! lookie i need a host...
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    Multiple powerstruggling

    what exactly does this do?? does it make say... two people in the same power struggle or just more than one ps in a game?? any info would be great!
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    Compiling player sounds(ex. vegeta) to ESF

    ok i made a sound pack but they dont work in game.. how do i compile it so it does?