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    Azn's new car?

    how about you make a transformation, like transformers:laff:
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    Majin Vegeta Reskin!

    yet agian struck by mirrored skins read this tutorial it may help, use the link on the first post
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    Gotenks Preference poll

    it doesent matter someone else will only edit the skin for normal/ssj
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    Model Pack pt2

    add the triangle under the shoulder to the same smoothing group as the pec, looks good, how many polys?
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    Battle Damage Gohan Edit

    i see you have uesd the crome effect on the hair, i did that with a diffrent model, i think crome on the hair looks good but its not really noticable
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    how to make non mirrored skins

    well this was a waste of time
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    how to make non mirrored skins

    looking at all the battel damege skins that have been made there all mirrored and it bugs me, when there is a very simple and quick answer so i have made a little tutorial, its kinda lame and youll have a hard time if you dont have a clue about milkshape. so here's the link, and sorry...
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    Goku Ssj3 Final Version Teasers! (go Now)

    ill break it to ya, what Ersen was saying is that you have used far to many polygons on the hair and the half life engin can only handel so many. im sure Ersen would have told you, but im thinking he dident want to have to explain what a poly was;) but yeah it does look good
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    Water effects, minor thing to say about it

    they could maby use the partical system that is used for when you swoop close to the ground/water, and attatch it to the beamhead, that would look good
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    some new idea's .. pictures included!

    you mean a ki trail
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    multiple ps?

    Questions: how many people can PS together? if a person fires into the PS from the side, which direction will the PS move?
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    gohan ssj2 WIP

    i suggest pulling his arms and shoulders out a bit to make him a little more broader keep it up
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    gohan ssj2 WIP

    i think its great! it does look alot like gohan, and thats the original skin for the face? i think its cool
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    next model

    make this thread a poll, and i would say gohan
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    very simple suggestion(transformations)

    it just bugs me when you get to perfect transform level and you transform and it dosen play the power up sound (scream.wav) basiclly im asking to keep the sound even at perfect transform level, it just makes it seem like youve done somthing, and not just changed the models
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    Making Map ~ Suggestions Needed

    i think this place will make a sweet map, especially if you can go in the buildings
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    Edited ESF gohan model

    when i get time im going to re-release the gohan model with B as ssj and maby a few more edits prolly in a week or so......
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    Edited ESF gohan model

    the black? what you mean the hair, it shouldent be a diffrent colour. please explain
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    Edited ESF gohan model

    yall to late i went with A you can grab the model here
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    Edited ESF gohan model

    a b or c? for ssj version which do you think is the best, A B or C? i could quite easily make a D which whould be bigger/stupily large hair but normal body size